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one History of the islands
2 Stay on the islands of Columbus and Nelson
3 Weather
4 Canary Islands
five Tenerife island. Nature
6 Entertainment
7 Island prices
eight Service
nine Canary Islands Museum
10 Church of San Juan
eleven Tilde town
12 Church of St. John the Baptist
13 Ancient settlement

The Canary Islands were formed by volcanic eruptions. They are located near Africa, near the Sahara Desert. Holidays in the Canary Islands attracts the attention of tourists with its amazing landscape, white beaches and of course the clear ocean.

oneHistory of the islands

Canary Islands
Canary Islands

In ancient times, the islands were chosen by the Guanche tribes. They raised livestock, were engaged in agriculture, and hunted animals. They used their skins to cover their bodies. Like the Egyptians, they made a mummy out of their rulers.

In ancient times, representatives of warlike peoples visited the Caribbean islands. This is reported by Pliny the Elder. After that the Arabs, French, Portuguese, Spaniards conquered the islands. The tribes resisted. But with their primitive means of protection, they could not resist. In 1495 the Spaniards took possession of the islands.

2Stay on the islands of Columbus and Nelson

Tenerife island at night

In search of mysterious India, Christopher Columbus visited the islands. After its discovery, the islands became a transit point. The Caribbean Islands are well placed on the route from Europe to Asia… Many countries tried to take possession of the islands. The ubiquitous pirates found refuge here. Admiral Nelson did not lag behind them. On one of the islands, he lost an arm. In 1982, the islands became Spanish property.


Mountains in the canary islands
Mountains in the canary islands

The winds bring heat and sand from the desert. Their influence is softened by winds – trade winds. There are many mountains on the islands. All three components: winds, mountains and desert affect the climate and weather of the Canary Islands.

The northern islands are rich in greenery. And the islands in the south are rich in sand and amaze with the lunar landscape. The islands enjoy warm, dry weather all year round. In winter, the temperature is from 10-20 *. And in summer it reaches above 30 * heat, but mostly warm, comfortable weather for a traveler.

4Canary Islands

Canary Islands
Canary Islands

The Canary Islands form a series of islands. Eternal summer reigns on any of them. Everyone wants to visit, admire its beauty, relax. Amazing lunar landscapes on the island of Tenerife. It is pleasant to sunbathe on the warm white sands of Lanzarote. Admire the palm trees that have grown in the very mouth of the volcano, diverse, beautiful flora and fauna, mysterious caves and tempting grottoes will enrich the traveler with impressions for the whole year.

fiveTenerife island. Nature

Tenerife island
Tenerife island

Tanerife divides the mountain range, dividing it into different climatic zones. They differ in different types of plants and animals. The island has a mild, comfortable climate conducive to a pleasant stay among the black volcanic ash. You can comfortably relax on the beaches with your children. In winter, lying on the warm sand, to see the white snow at the top of the volcano.


Volcano teide
Volcano teide

It is interesting to sail with sociable dolphins and huge whales. Admire the underwater kingdom, search for the mysterious Atlantis. Take a trip to the Teide volcano. You can comfortably climb to its top by funicular to a height of 3718 m.

Holidays in the Canary Islands - Swimming with whales and dolphins
Swimming with whales and dolphins

At Teide Park, admire the endurance of a pine tree that has survived several eruptions. Take the lift to a height of 3555 meters, then walk to the observation deck. And with admiration to look at the island lying below, as if in the palm of your hand. There are also a couple of water parks awaiting the traveler, where you can have fun, having fun with water attractions. It is also interesting to visit zoos, see eagles, lemurs and other animals.

7Island prices

Restaurant in the hotel
Restaurant in the hotel

Prices in Tenerife are lower than in Europe and in Spain. Gasoline costs 1 euro. In the restaurant, one visitor can have a delicious lunch for 10 – 20 euros. In the season of discounts, prices are lower than in Russian stores.


Costa Adeje Grand Hotel
Costa Adeje Grand Hotel in Tenerife

Many hotels for families traveling with children have a special kitchen for toddlers. Water slides are intended for their entertainment. Young people will have a rest in a nightclub.

nineCanary Islands Museum

Canary Islands Museum
Canary Islands Museum

The museum contains exhibits that are more than two thousand years old. These are figurines of ancient gods, ceramics, mummies and many objects that tell about the life of the Guanches. The museum contains the remains of the Cro-Magnons. There is a souvenir shop next to the museum.

10Church of San Juan

Church of San Juan
Church of San Juan

It is built of black basalt and looks austere next to white Aboriginal houses. The temple was built for many decades until 1977. The towers reach heights of up to 60 meters. A local sculptor sculpted the sleeping Christ.

elevenTilde town

Tilde town
Tilde town

On the island, on the cobbled streets, in the midst of greenery, there are houses built in the colonial style. They amaze with their rich carvings and mosaics.

12Church of St. John the Baptist

Church of St. John the Baptist
Church of St. John the Baptist

It was built in the 15th century in the Gothic style. It was repaired several times. The church gates have been preserved since the 15th century. A neo-Gothic tower appeared in the 20th century. A gilded wooden altar with the image of Christ has been preserved since the 16th century. It was performed by the aborigines using their own technique.

13Ancient settlement

Artenare village
Artenare village

It is interesting to visit the unique village of Artenare. People lived here even before the appearance of the conquistadors. There is not a single human habitation above it. The aborigines cut their homes in the rock, but nevertheless they are equipped with all the comforts of civilization.

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