Budapest is the largest city in Hungary and its capital is without a doubt picturesque and mesmerizing. The population is about one fifth of the country’s inhabitants. It’s about two million. Mostly Hungarians live. The climate in the capital is moderately continental, the average temperature in January is –2 ° С, in July + 21 ° С. The annual precipitation is about 400–950 mm.

The inhabitants are mostly Catholics, but the flock of various Protestant churches and devout people of other confessions are also reconciled. There is a huge Jewish community in Budapest. The city is an important cultural, economic and transport center of Central Europe. Two-thirds of the country’s industry is concentrated in Budapest.

The stately and luxurious Budapest can delight all those who dream of seeing ancient Europe and hearing more about its history, and those who prefer travel outside of excursions. The majestic city stretches along the banks of the Danube, on the east – Buda, on the west – Pest. Both banks are connected by many bridges with stunning views of the Danube and the city.
The main attraction of Budapest is, without a doubt, the Danube River, on the shores of which are located striking structures, sculptures, monuments and sophisticated bridges.
Back in 1849, the English architect W.T. Clarke erected the most recognizable by all Szechenyi Chain Bridge, 380 meters long, on which a spectacular view of Budapest is opened up and stunning photographs are obtained. In the evenings, the bridge is illuminated by festive illumination.
Amphibious river bus departs in front of Roosevelt Bridge RiverRide… Transport at high speed plunges into the waters of the Danube directly from the embankment, floats to the Chain Bridge, turns around, leaving on land, continues an interesting tour of the city. The route has been launched since 2009. Such a unique transport is easy to move both along the streets of the city and by water. The bus runs constantly. Breaks occur only when the water level is very high or low and the Danube is covered with ice.
A lot of interesting museums with rich expositions are concentrated in Budapest. There are many Gothic castles and ancient fortresses spread over picturesque hills that tell about the life of the Hungarian state in different eras of its existence. It is a fusion of Western and Eastern styles that captures the imagination of tourists in their most bizarre forms.
Great architectural structures, numerous museums, ancient bridges across the Danube, narrow and unique streets of Buda, as well as modern avenues, parks, shops, cafes delight the eye and soul. Getting here, you immediately feel how the accumulated fatigue disappears somewhere, brightens in your head, your body becomes light, and you are ready to follow a guide without a break, breakfast and lunch, learn more and more details about the capital of Hungary and accumulate unforgettable impressions and new emotions.

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