On the coast of the Greek island of Thassos, the waters of a small but very beautiful lagoon are splashing. This natural pool is called Giola and is separated from the sea by a narrow stone bar.

Laguna Giola is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. But, oddly enough, it is not indicated on all tourist maps of the island of Thassos. The island itself is also extremely beautiful. Mountains rise on it with quaint ridges, and the valleys are buried in greenery. Coastal waters are mesmerizing with deep blue color and pristine purity. Even in Halkidiki, the closest resort on the mainland, you will not be able to see such beauty.

It takes a long time to get from the nearby village of Astris to Giola Lagoon, but tireless tourists will be rewarded with the opportunity to swim in the purest, sun-warmed water. You can get here by a rented car. A rocky, unkempt road will lead travelers to the coast of the island, from where they will have to walk about another kilometer.

The rounded shape of the lagoon resembles a pearl shell, with its narrow end facing the sea. During a storm, waves overwhelm the bulkhead and replenish the reservoir with seawater. The depth of the lagoon is not great, only two to three meters. At the bottom there is a layer of fine sand, as if specially laid in concentric circles. Only closer to the mouth of the lagoon under water can you see a cluster of smooth boulders.
In the sea, behind the rocky barrier, the water shimmers with azure hues, and in the lagoon it is constantly emerald green. The water is so transparent that from the side it seems as if a floating person is just floating in the air.

Travelers fall in love with this beautiful place in absentia from photographs on the Internet. It is impossible to resist the desire to see the beauty of the emerald lagoon with your own eyes. And plunge into the soft warmth of crystal clear water is unearthly bliss!

The banks of the lagoon are made of massive stones with sharp edges, so you should step on them with caution. But on the other hand, the pleasure of bathing will surpass all the inconveniences associated with the difficulties of the road.

For lovers of secluded romantic places, a vacation near the Giola lagoon is the ideal choice.

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