Up to 40,000 people annually go on cruises to Antarctica. What is it that attracts these people? The harsh land, which has not yet been mastered by man, contains many secrets and interesting discoveries. And making them on a comfortable liner is doubly pleasant.

Features of cruises to Antarctica:

Almost all liners leave from Argentina. Here the mysterious cold mainland is closest, having arrived in advance, you can explore the world-famous Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn. But the duration of the expedition can be from 9 to 40 days. Ships sometimes only go from Argentina to Antarctica and vice versa, and in other cases they go around the entire mainland and strive for Australia.

A tourist should be well prepared for such a trip: choose the right clothes and equipment. Tour operators will help with this by issuing a complete list of the necessary equipment.

You also need to evaluate the vessel when booking:
• size and number of passengers;
• availability of entertainment establishments;
• the purpose of the expedition and the declared points of visit.

The price of the trip depends on the chosen conditions, terms and level of service. But it will not be low under any circumstances. Cruises to Antarctica are a rather expensive form of tourism.

Why is the continent so attractive?

It is very cold here, no summer, strong ultraviolet radiation and no permanent residents. But the beauty of these latitudes is captivating and enchanting. Sailing past the grandiose ice caps, which in summer every now and then fall in huge wedges into the water, tourists feel the power and strength of this element.
The surroundings are very beautiful: it is here that you understand why the peoples of the North have so many words for snow. All shades of white, blue and turquoise form a landscape of ice and waves.
The nature is amazingly harsh and interesting. Tourists are shown places where there has been no rain for more than two million years, where the frozen ground is not even covered with snow. You can explore the largest concentrations of penguins, see unique marine animals. There are trekking trails in the ice. Parking lots are organized at scientific stations, where real scientists are allowed to visit and make wonderful excursions.
Before and after the cruise, travelers visit the countries where the ship stops at. In general, such a cruise is always a complex adventure. It also usually involves wonderful people: experienced seafarers, talented scientists and just extraordinary personalities. Such a journey transforms the soul and leaves a lot of lasting impressions.

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