Prague is an amazing ancient city that surprises every traveler who has visited it. This city is one of the valuable historical centers of the world, because inside it there is a “historical reservation” and is protected by UNESCO. In addition to ancient architecture in Prague, a large number of buildings that represent modern art, among them it is worth highlighting the original house on the Vltava embankment near the city center – the Dancing House.


The Dancing House was built in 1992-1996. The house that used to stand there was destroyed during the American aerial bombardment of Prague in February 1945. In 1992, the land was acquired by the Dutch insurance company Nationale Nederlanden. The company selected the building design from Croatian architect Vlado Milunic and internationally recognized Canadian architect and designer Frank Gehry, who were invited to collaborate. This collaboration has given rise to a unique deconstructive building with plastic elements that at the same time harmonizes with the surrounding buildings.

Dancing House in Prague

About home

This is one of the few Prague buildings that dynamically enters the street space. The building is metaphorically called “dancing House” or “Ginger and Fred“. It is named so because of the towers reminiscent of the famous dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. The male part of the dancing couple is represented by a stone tower, and the female part is represented by a glass tower. The top of the male tower is covered in imaginary hair. The interiors were partly designed by a British architect of Czech origin
Eva Yirikna. From mid-2016 to the present, the building houses a hotel, gallery and a luxurious restaurant with a terrace and stunning views. Building “dancing House“Was awarded the prestigious prize of the American Time magazine – in 1996 it received a design nomination.

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Where is?

The house is located in Prague-2, at the corner of Resslova and Rasinovo nabrezni streets. If you walk from the world famous Charles Bridge along the embankment, then the time to get there is 10-15 minutes.

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