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Diving is an interesting and one might even say an unusual activity, because it allows you to visit the most remote and lost places, which, by the way, not everyone can reach, because people who practice this hobby can only find interesting places to dive. This is not to say that there are few of them, but some people are attracted by something specific, and not simple reefs and caves, and if a tourist belongs to the same people, then he should visit the following places:

Galapagos Islands in Ecuador

Here divers can get a lot of new impressions, because the local islands have a huge number of marine inhabitants. In addition, it is here that an underground volcano is located, so divers will definitely like it.

It is also important to remember that there are rather strong underwater currents in the local area, so there is no place for amateurs here, because it is very dangerous. If a person nevertheless decides, he will definitely not regret it, but a lot of efforts will have to be made.

Marlborough Bay, New Zealand

This place attracts divers with a huge sunken liner that still rests on the local seabed. During all this time, it has become a wonderful home for many marine life and corals, but even this does not detract from the mystical atmosphere around it. Moreover, there is a legend among the locals about a diver who disappeared into the local waters, so they like to dive here for the thrill.

The only thing is that only professionals can do this, because the currents here are not only strong, but also insidious, which is dangerous for beginners and it is not worth the risk in vain, unless the tourist, of course, wants to become another local legend.

Atlantic Museum in the Canary Islands

One of the few museums that attracts the attention of divers. Most of the exhibits call for attention to various world problems, respectively, all of them are quite specific, and together with the underwater atmosphere, it seems that a person has stumbled upon the remains of an ancient civilization.
The Canary Islands belong to Spain. 2 capitals: Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Tenerife) and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria).

Diving here will not bring any problems, therefore both experienced people and beginners can dive.

Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico

A great place in Mexico for those who prefer natural secrets, rather than the remnants of human activity.
There are entire underwater labyrinths from caves, and some of them take you too far.

The locals, in turn, believed that not only amazing underwater creatures lived here, but also gods, and some dark gaps were considered doors to the afterlife.

It will be interesting to visit here, and a variety of marine life, of which there are in abundance, will help to add impressions. Anyone can dive, the water temperature here is quite comfortable, and there are almost no currents.

Each of these places can attract a tourist, but you always need to be as careful as possible, and for those who have no experience, doubly so that the tourist himself does not become an underwater legend or a ghost.

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