Most Ukrainian tourists, where is Dagobrat on the mapas the place is popular with local ski lovers. This is due to the height of the local tracks, designed for both beginners in the sport and for its professional participants with decades of experience. Dragobrat is a high-mountain resort, the minimum height of the slopes of which is 1400 meters. The height of the top of Mount Stog reaches 1707 meters. In addition, the stability of the local weather is encouraging. For the last thirty years, snow has been consistently abundant here, after which it lasts until the end of the season even in the warmest winters.

The popularity of the resort is also due to the fact that the total cost of the vacation is significantly lower than the average Carpathian counterparts, so every year the number of visiting Ukrainian and Russian skiers is growing rapidly. If we consider, where is Dragobrat on the Ukrainian map, you should move your gaze to the north-west of the country. Despite the inaccessibility and remoteness of the ski complex, European, Asian and American fans are also beginning to appear.


Where to stay

Guests of the ski complex should be prepared for the fact that the hotel infrastructure is rather poorly developed here, therefore it is recommended to think about booking a room well before the season. For example, pre-bookings made in the spring or summer are a great opportunity to save money on vacation. To accommodate tourists, a six-story hotel is most often used, as well as several low-rise cottages. If you look Drogobrat on the map of the Transcarpathian region on a larger scale, you will notice that it is quite small.

The complex can accommodate 116 people at a time. Additionally, there is the possibility of accommodating another 140 people.

The housing stock of the resort development consists of double, triple and quadruple rooms inside the hotel, as well as double and triple rooms inside the cottages. Each of the blocks is equipped with a separate bathroom with shower, hot water. Residents of the complex can also enjoy satellite TV. If tourists come with their own sports equipment or rented it for several days at once, special storage-type premises can be used for drying or storing it. Local cottages can be called miniature hotels, consisting of 8 rooms, so you can safely forget about secluded relaxation. But only inside low-rise buildings are there double beds inside double rooms. At the same time, the cost of living does not differ much from the hotel conditions.


Weather Dragobrat

If you have not yet decided whether it is worth going to this picturesque resort, through an unexpected weather in Dragobrat, then the unequivocal answer is worth it. There are many factors that speak for themselves – this is one of the high mountain ski resorts with a mild climate, where you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also improve your health. As for the weather here, it is quite changeable, but not harsh, very similar to a fairy tale “12 months”… If you have definitely decided on the date of the trip, then it is better to look in advance weather in Dragobrat for a monthso that it does not spoil your plans. At the same time, during the day, as well as at different altitudes, you can feel different temperatures. It can be sunny in the morning, and snow in a couple of hours. There are a few important points to keep in mind:

  1. Sometimes there are cases when there is such a fog, or a strong wind with snow, that visibility at a height is only a couple of meters, for example, near the Carpathian seagull chair, and below there is full visibility.
  2. Therefore, when going to the mountains, be sure to take safety glasses. They will help not only in adjoining weather, but also in sunny ones. You can view on the Internet photo of Dragobrat in winter, where pictures are taken at different heights that are absolutely different from each other. In addition, the weather can be unpredictable within a few kilometers, even from the same altitude. But all this does not stop thousands of tourists from coming here from year to year.
  3. A whole day spent in the fresh air, among such indescribable mountain nature, will be remembered for a long time, and you should not forget to take the desired pictures at a bird’s-eye view.

If we turn to the forecast weather for Dragobrat by months, then the table compiled by the forecaster says that in winter the temperature here does not drop here, below -5 degrees, which is a fairly comfortable condition for a good rest.


How to get to Dragobrat

Be prepared for the fact that getting to this resort is relatively difficult. The whole trip can turn into a whole adventure. Therefore, before how to get to Dragobrat seriously tune in and stock up on the necessary warm things. Your journey will start from the nearest train station or airport. They are located 120 kilometers from the Carpathian resort, in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lvov and Chernivtsi are located a little further, from where it is also convenient to get there. If you are a tourist from Russia, then it will be most convenient to get to Kiev, and then choose the best route to Dragobrat, however, as we have already said, it will go through the nearest large settlements, which can be reached both by bus and by train … Upon arrival at the station, you change to a minibus to the village of Yasinya. If you have a lot of things and inventory, then it will be more convenient to take a regular taxi. Before you see ski complex Dragobrat, one should not rush to pay the taxi driver the declared value, as they always overestimate it. If you bargain, then you can safely throw off up to 100 hryvnia.


In Yasiny you get off again and change to the next taxi, which is heading towards the end of your trip – to the hotel. It also makes sense to bargain. If you decide to travel on your own, with your car, then know that the transport must be off-road, and the driver must have experience in driving on a snowy road. In addition, in order to bypass all difficult situations and not slip in the middle of the road, which is quite likely, take care in advance that the car is four-wheel drive, there are chains on top of the wheels, and the ground clearance is more than 20 centimeters.

Do not forget about the map of the area, as to exclude the possibility that you get lost, and Mount Dragobrat in the Carpathians will not soon become your place of interest, also not worth it. Since the road is not asphalt, it is narrow, with steep cliffs and very risky. There are two routes to get to your final destination – 650 and 720 km, it is better to look at them in advance on the Internet. The best option, of course, would be to leave your own car in a paid parking lot in Yasiny, without worrying about her fate and enjoy the resort.

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