According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in cases where a Russian contracted a coronavirus infection abroad, the responsibility lies solely with him. What awaits the sick abroad – we will tell in the article …

According to the executive director of ERV, Yulia Alcheeva, in case of infection with a coronavirus infection abroad, the protocol for the provision of medical care and treatment will be identical to any other possible disease. The only difference is that quarantine measures are provided for coronavirus patients.

So, if symptoms appear, you will need to contact the service center for help, its number is indicated in the insurance policy. The employee will explain where the nearest medical facility is located, where they will provide the necessary assistance. If the situation is urgent, you need to urgently call an ambulance.

Alcheeva also noted that the protocols for providing medical care and other actions when an infection is detected have not changed since 2020. They are different in each country, for example, in Cuba and the UAE, coronavirus patients are sent to separate hotels for isolation, and in Turkey they simply allocate a separate wing in the hotel where the sick person lived.

The main actions of all countries are to isolate the patient in time. Further, according to the protocol, he is asked to pass a repeated PCR test on one of the days of isolation, which is determined at the legislative level in each state. If the result is positive, the patient continues to remain in quarantine, if negative, he has the right to continue rest.

In cases where an infected person has a pronounced clinical picture, he is referred for inpatient treatment. All medical expenses, transportation and hospital stay are covered by the insurance.

According to Alcheeva, in 2020, a small number of patients requiring inpatient treatment were registered. To a greater extent, positive tests were observed with asymptomatic course of the disease or with minor malaise.

Isolation of the infected is most often carried out at the expense of the country in which he resides. For example, in Turkey no one is asked to pay for it, but in the UAE and the Maldives they will be required to pay for the observatory.

The insurance policy does not cover isolation stays, but compensation is provided in some states. For example, if, due to self-isolation, a person missed his flight, they can buy a ticket for him. Compensation is also possible for an unplanned stay in the country.

According to Dmitry Arutyunov, general director of the ART-TOUR tour operator, Emirates provides insurance for its passengers, according to which they will not need to pay any money for treatment and an observatory in case of infection with a coronavirus infection throughout their stay in the country.

For example, in the UAE, right in the airport building, tourists are asked to undergo a free PCR test for coronavirus. If the result is positive, they are immediately sent for observation. The next day, free testing is repeated to exclude a false result. Some vacationers are sent to the villa for self-isolation.

In the Maldives, there are separate rooms for the covid. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the reservation of the room is completely canceled from the tourist, and, most often, the hotels will reimburse its cost in full.

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