The recent case in Istanbul, when a tourist from Israel, who wiped his nose in a restaurant with a banknote, was found, convicted and expelled from the country, makes you wonder what should never be done in Turkey …

An Israeli on vacation, a man of Palestinian origin named Mohammad Nader Badarne, paid with the said 20 lira bill at a restaurant. The tourist’s friends filmed everything and posted it on a social network.

The act caused a wide resonance among the Turkish population, after which the tourist was identified and, after a quick court hearing, was deported.

However, all this happened not only because of the outraged appeals of citizens – such behavior falls, according to the Turkish Criminal Code, under two articles at once: humiliation of state symbols (flag, anthem, coat of arms, etc.) and insult to Turkey, the Turkish nation, government institutions and national heroes (the name and image of Mustafa Kemal).

Mustafa Kemal

In accordance with the law, the punishment for a foreigner will be a fine and deportation, and for Turkish citizens – imprisonment (from six months to 2 years).

In addition to the crimes already listed, vacationers in Turkey need to know that it is forbidden to publicly insult the current head of the country (a fine or imprisonment for up to 2 years).

Aggressive behavior, threats and insults of local residents, vendors, hotel service personnel, tour guides, etc. by visitors will also result in problems with the law.

The Turkish Criminal Code provides for a punishment of 3 months to 2 years in prison for a person who has offended the honor, dignity or prestige of a Turkish citizen by using offensive and abusive language in communication.

For an insulting statement about religion, it is prescribed from 1 year in prison.

If in the vocabulary when communicating with Turkish citizens expressions are used that threaten the life, health, sexual integrity of the citizen himself or his relatives, then such communication will also be recognized as a criminal offense. If a resident of Turkey turns to the police about this and has witness testimony, the tourist may face imprisonment for up to six months or a pecuniary punishment.

Do not forget that insults written in messages of all kinds or e-mails also fall under this article.

Tourists in Turkey should communicate correctly and politely both with the local population and staff, and with other foreigners or compatriots on vacation. Any resident or foreigner can contact the police with complaints of insults of one kind or another.

Threats and hard-hitting statements can turn into lengthy investigations with the police, and then a fine, deportation, a ban on visiting Turkey in the future and, in some cases, imprisonment, which will undoubtedly ruin the rest and leave unpleasant impressions of the trip for a long time.

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