Most regions of Russia require guests checking into hotels to present certificates of a negative PCR test result. But there are those where it is not needed …

Since mid-June, Russia has been covered by another wave of coronavirus caused by the spread of the new Delta strain. In this regard, more than half of the subjects of the federation have introduced additional restrictions on the entry of tourists. Mainly, they are expressed in the need to present the results of PCR tests when checking into hotels and sanatoriums. Some regions have gone further. For example, at the entrances to the Ivanovo region, traffic police were set up, checking certificates of vaccinations and PCR checks from all guests of the region. In the absence of such documents, it is necessary to turn back or go to 14-day self-isolation.

There are checkpoints on the borders of the Ivanovo region

In about 35 (out of 85) federal subjects, coronavirus restrictions, on the contrary, are minimal. Tourists feel here almost as in pre-pandemic times, except that in public places they have to wear masks. Unfortunately, most of the territories with liberal orders can hardly be called tourist. But there are also those where excursion tourism is well developed and there is something to see. We represent five Russian regions, to visit which you do not need to receive covid certificates and take PCR tests.


Tour operators of the Russian Federation unanimously call the Volga republic the most loyal region to tourists in Russia. No coronavirus certificates or certificates are required for entry and residence. There are practically no hints of quarantine on the streets of Kazan, the mask regime is observed only in crowded places.

Perhaps the main attraction of Tatarstan is the Kazan Kremlin

The cost of the cheapest three-day tours to Tatarstan for two starts from 5 thousand rubles. (without flight and meals). With a transfer from Moscow, a similar ticket costs 15-16 thousand rubles. Tour operators offer weekly trips around the republic for two (with a flight from the capital) for 45-50 thousand rubles.

Nizhny Novgorod

To enter the Nizhny Novgorod region and check into local hotels, no “coronavirus” documents are also required. The restrictions introduced here relate more to local residents than tourists. For example, business travelers are released outside the region – only if they are immune to Covid-19 (i.e. vaccinated or recovered).

First of all, tourists arriving in Nizhny Novgorod are led to the Chkalovskaya stairs

According to the cashback program, a lot of tours to Nizhny Novgorod are offered with a visit to the neighboring cities of Boldino, Diveevo and Arzamas. The cheapest two-day trips with delivery from Moscow and St. Petersburg by bus cost 4.5-5 thousand rubles. per person. A five-day river cruise on the route Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod will cost 10-15 thousand rubles. depending on the class of the cabin.


Boarding houses, sanatoriums and rest homes in the Volgograd region are recommended to ask customers for information about PCR tests and vaccinations. However, a recommendation is rather a wish, therefore, the conditions for tourists to enter the region continue to remain fairly free. However, since July 12, local catering establishments are prohibited from working from midnight to 6:00, which may cause some inconvenience.

The Volgograd Motherland Monument is worth seeing with your own eyes at least once in your life

Sightseeing tours are popular in Volgograd, including sightseeing of nearby cities. An inexpensive voucher for 3-4 days (with meals, accommodation, but without a transfer) costs about 15-16 thousand rubles. per person. Many tour operators offer tours participating in the cashback program, so 20% can be safely subtracted from the initial price of tickets to Volgograd.


Coronavirus restrictions introduced in the Samara region are considered very mild. For guests, in fact, they are not there: you can call in hotels and sanatoriums without any information. Instead of bans, the leadership of the regions focuses on the most massive vaccination possible. Therefore, it is possible that a tourist will receive an insistent proposal to be vaccinated directly during the tour.

There is Stalin's spare bunker in Samara, which is actively visited by tourists.

You can spend a weekend in Samara (with meals and accommodation) for 6-7 thousand rubles. per person. A three-day trip with a visit to the legendary Zhiguli Mountains and tasting the beer of the same name will cost 12-13 thousand rubles. The cost of six-day river cruises on the Moscow-Samara route starts at 18 thousand rubles. per person.


Coronavirus statistics in Rostov-on-Don looks better than in most regions of the Russian Federation. In this regard, here not only do they not tighten the restrictions, but even slightly weaken the existing ones. In mid-June, the occupancy rate for cafes and cinemas was increased from 50 to 75%. Of course, they don’t ask tourists for any information.

One of the best steam locomotive museums in Russia is located in Rostov.

Tourist services in the Don region are relatively inexpensive, and there are incredibly many attractions in Rostov and the surrounding cities. The price of three-day sightseeing tours in the southern region starts at 12 thousand rubles. (without transfer, but with meals). A six-day trip with delivery from Moscow by bus, visiting the ruins of ancient Tanais and the Sholokhov estate in the village. Vyoshenskoye costs 21 thousand rubles.

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