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one A profitable solution for budget travelers
2 Paris. Modern Art Museum
3 Madrid. National Prado Museum
4 Brussels. City Museum
five Athens. Acropolis Museum
6 Riga. Sightseeing tour
7 Madrid. Theatrical city excursions
eight Tourist memo

After waiting for the long-awaited vacation, many are going to spend it in Europe. And this is not surprising, because there is really something to see here. Famous sights, amazing architecture, historical monuments, various museums in Europe – all this and much more can be found in many European towns. Today, you can get to know the world culture without financial costs. Indeed, in many museums in Europe, admission is absolutely free.

A profitable solution for budget travelers

Museums of Europe - Uffizi Gallery in Florence
Uffizi Gallery in Florence

European museums are represented in large numbers. Louvre, British Museum, Uffizi Gallery, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum – this series of attractions can be continued further. When planning their exciting trip to interesting corners of Europe, tourists want to visit as many interesting exhibitions as possible, as well as excursions, so much so as to save as much as possible.

Every month, the first Sunday is a special day for tourists who dream of seeing exhibits absolutely free of charge.

Most museums in Europe do charge an admission fee, but they also make the exception of free admission on certain days. A similar scheme is used in many European cities. Also museums in Europe, where exhibits can be viewed for free every day. We will consider some of them.

Paris. Modern Art Museum

Museums of Europe - Museum of Contemporary Art
Modern Art Museum

This place is known all over the world for a huge number of exhibits – about 9000 works are stored in the monumental building.… The visitor here really has something to see, because in the exhibition halls you can see examples of various trends of the 20th century. Pictures of famous painters Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Alberto, Giacometti, Henri Matisse and other masters of the brush cannot but surprise. Contemporary exhibitions are also held here.

Madrid. National Prado Museum

Museums of Europe - Picturesque paintings in the Prado Museum
Picturesque paintings in the Prado Museum

The huge museum contains quite interesting works that can be viewed without rushing along small corridors. You can enjoy viewing the collections of sculptures, portraits and frescoes without much difficulty in a spacious room.

This popular attraction is a pleasant find for the budget traveler.

True connoisseurs of painting will surely pay attention to such popular exhibits as The Annunciation by the Italian artist Fra Angelico and The Three Graces by the South Dutch painter Rubens… In addition, there is a special route for tourists who have very little time.

Brussels. City Museum

Museums of Europe - Prado National Museum
National Prado Museum

This building cannot but amaze with its neo-Gothic architecture. And what is even more surprising is what is inside the museum.

Here are collected a variety of works that illustrate the history of the city.

Fine tapestries of the 16th and 17th centuries, porcelain and silverware, stone sculptures – all of these exhibits are kept on the ground floor.

One floor above, the exhibition hall contains historical maps of old Brussels, ancient paintings, as well as photographs and prints. The real highlight of the museum is a separate room where over 700 costumes are kept. In which, according to the established tradition, they dress the famous statue “Manneken Pis”.

Athens. Acropolis Museum

Museums of Europe - Acropolis Museum
Acropolis Museum

As you know, tourism in Greece is very developed. And in order for him not to leave the top positions, in the country of heroes and gods, they introduced free admission to state museums, which is common in almost all cities of Greece. Only now you can see famous sights for free on certain days. For instance, free admission to the well-known Acropolis Museum is valid only on May 18. This day is marked on the calendar as International Museum Day.

Riga. Sightseeing tour

Museums of Europe - Excursion to the old town
Excursion to the old town

Every day in the capital of Latvia there are free tours… They include a visit to the old city, and also allow you to plunge into its culture and traditions. For those who came here from another country and do not know the local language, there is no problem. Professional guides conduct such excursions in the most common language in the world – English.

Madrid. Theatrical city excursions

Another must-see place in Europe is the excursions that usually take place in the Las Letras quarter. The quarter is a real gem of the capital of Spain. These places for street performances were not chosen by chance – it was in this area that the famous masters of the pen Cervantes, Quevado and Lope de Vega once lived.

Las Letras - a real gem of the capital of Spain
Las Letras is a real gem of the capital of Spain

Having got on such an excursion, you seem to find yourself in the Golden Age. The guides are actors playing the roles of real writers or characters of the time. This is most likely not even an excursion, but a whole theatrical performance.

Tourist memo

Tourist memo: how not to miss the chance to get on a free tour? A tourist who is just going on a trip to Europe should not only put all the essentials in a suitcase, but also make sure that, while in a particular city, you do not have to spend precious minutes looking for a free excursion.

The best solution is to look for similar offers on the Internet.

In the wide open spaces of the global network, there are a variety of options. Starting with free museum tours on specific days and ending with full-fledged sightseeing tours around the city conducted by volunteers.

Berlin Cathedral Museum
Berlin Cathedral Museum

Often, to participate in excursions, you must first fill out an application, which usually indicates the desired date and number of people. After that, the tourist receives by mail information about where and what time the meeting will take place. By spending a little time collecting the necessary information, you will thereby save your money and time. And your vacation in Europe will bring you unforgettable impressions and emotions.

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