Antonio Gaudi is a world famous Spanish architect. The style of his buildings is classified as Art Nouveau, although, in fact, in his work he used elements of completely different styles. Most of his projects were implemented in Barcelona, ​​which certainly gives it an extraordinary charm: you will not see such bizarre and at the same time majestic sights filled with amazing stories anywhere else. We offer you five must see architectural masterpieces of Gaudi in Barcelona!

Park Guell

Park Guell in Barcelona is located in the upper part of the city. A great place to walk with your loved ones! An atmospheric landscaped park that combines amazing gardens and living areas. The park is divided into open and closed access zones. So, the entrance to the territory is free for everyone, but in order to get into the monumental zone, you will have to purchase a ticket. Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office on site. Here, in the park, is the famous Gaudi’s house in Barcelona.

Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Familia (Sagrada Familia)

The most famous project of Gaudí, the hallmark of Barcelona. The architect himself considered the temple to be the main work of his life. He also knew that he would not have time to finish its construction during his lifetime and more than once joked: “My client is in no hurry,” alluding to God, who has plenty of time. Gaudi Cathedral in Barcelona has been built since 1882 with donations from parishioners. Completion of construction is scheduled for 2026.


House Calvet

One of the earliest works by Gaudí. In 1900 he was awarded the prize for “the most beautiful building in the city”.

Mila’s house

The creation is a true example of Catalan modernism and the last secular work of the architect. During the day, we advise you to admire the facade of the building, and at night there is the opportunity to attend a unique audiovisual show on the rooftop terrace as part of a guided tour. What could be more romantic than bizarre architectural forms, play of light and pleasant music?

Casa Batllo (House of Bones)

Also one of the most recognizable buildings in Barcelona. It is noteworthy that there are practically no straight lines in its design. The wavy outlines are noticeable both in the facade of the building and in the interior. The symbolism of the facade is covered with stories and legends, but the most common version is that this is the figure of a huge dragon, the architect’s favorite character. If you want to look inside – choose a weekday to visit, because at the entrance there is always a queue of tourists who want to see the attraction inside.


Gaudi architecture in Barcelona is an integral part of the city, its heart. Even if you have allotted just a few hours for a walk through the Catalan pearl, be sure to include at least a few treasures of an amazing genius in your itinerary.

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