As a rule, in order to have an interesting vacation, each person considers different options. If we consider rest in the Czech Republic, then here, in addition to wellness procedures and sightseeing tours, you can also enjoy active rest.

Existing unique sights and cultural monuments will allow you to study the history of the country.

Without fail, every tourist should visit the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague, which, with its centuries-old history, has many architectural structures in combination with different styles and eras.

Czech cities

Rest in the Czech Republic -Krumlov
Krumlov town

In addition to Prague, there are also Krivoklat, Krumlov, Moravian Slovak, Tabor and others. Each of these cities has cathedrals, ancient castles, numerous restaurants, cobbled streets. All of this represents Czech culture and tradition.

After sightseeing trips to historical sights, you need to visit one of the country’s health resorts. The leading positions in this regard are occupied by Marianske Lazne and Karlovy Vary with its healing mineral springs.


Holidays in the Czech Republic-Horseback riding
Horse rides

In addition to wellness treatments and educational excursions, you can choose one of the proposed options for active recreation. So along the routes previously drawn up by the guides, you can go on a bicycle trip and see interesting places.

Walking around the country gives the opportunity to once again get acquainted with the monuments of architecture and history, learn about culture and traditions.

In addition, you can go down the river or climb to the top of the mountains. If there are a large number of lakes and rivers, you can go fishing. Horse riding enthusiasts can go horseback riding.

Extremists can fly in a hot air balloon or hang glider. Recently, winter holidays have become popular in the Czech Republic with ski resorts that are organized at a high level.


Holidays in the Czech Republic - St. Vitus Cathedral
St. Vitus Cathedral

It is sometimes difficult to visit a Czech church, as some churches are presented in the form of museums and, accordingly, a certain fee is charged at the entrance, especially when visiting monastic cells and crypts.

Churches left over from the Counter-Reformation are usually closed, as art thefts have increased in recent years. An open church can be seen before or after services in it. In order to enter the church, you can ask the local priest for the keys.

Museums in the Czech Republic

Holidays in the Czech Republic - Karlovy Vary Museum of History and Local Lore
Karlovy Vary Museum of History and Local Lore

There are many museums in the Czech Republic. If earlier labels were made only in Czech, then with the development of tourism, English began to be used as well. Outside Prague, you can find two types of museums… The local history can be traced in the district museum in works of art, old photographs, and crafts. The city museum displays mushrooms and stuffed animals.

Museums are not attractive in any way; only schoolchildren visit them. Large cities have art galleries that are significantly inferior to those in other capitals. The works of famous artists Kupka and Mucha were at first outside the country, but then some of their works were brought to the Czech Republic. The opening hours of museums are usually indicated in the guidebook. And the prices are significantly low.

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