Many tourists prefer to stay not in hotels, but in private apartments and apartments when traveling in Russia and abroad. Some landlords are paranoid and install hidden cameras in their rental properties.

Thus, they hope to ensure the safety of the property: if a guest, for example, breaks a vase, you can always show him the record and recover compensation. Filming the private life of vacationers is unlikely to end up on YouTube or much worse. However, the realization that all your actions are filmed is not very pleasant.

Landlords do not have the right to conduct covert filming of their guests, so camouflaged cameras can be safely identified and blocked. And how to do this, we will tell you in this material.

Method one: visual search for hidden cameras

To do this, it is necessary to inspect suspicious objects, primarily devices in the rooms (electronic clocks, smoke detectors, lamps, etc.) for the presence of built-in eyes. These days, cameras can be placed anywhere: the same “Aliexpress” offers a wide range of dual-use hybrid gadgets. In appearance, this may be an ordinary charger that perfectly fulfills its direct functions, but if you look closely, you will find a cunning eye in its case.

Most often, hidden cameras are found in electronic alarm clocks, mini-receivers, LED bulbs, USB adapters, speakers, mirrors and a variety of security sensors. There are also exotic options. There are tracking devices disguised as fountain pens, children’s toys, cute knick-knacks, and even screw caps.

Method two: detection of lenses by technical means

It is quite difficult for a layman to detect a hidden camera lens with the naked eye. And if there are a lot of items in rented housing, then the search for eyes can drag on until the end of the holiday. To facilitate this process, you can use technical means. The simplest thing is to install an application on your smartphone like “Hidden Camera Detector”, Which helps to look for lens lenses.

The principle of operation of such programs is quite simple. The phone screen displays a bright circle, usually red or white, which blinks at a carefully selected frequency. To detect the camera lens, you need to drive your smartphone in suspicious places. When the front camera of the phone fixes a lens flare, the application notifies the user about it.

If you’re willing to spend a little money to prevent espionage, you can go ahead and purchase a lens flare detector. Optical bug detectors scan lenses in all ranges, including infrared, so they work much more efficiently than smartphones.

Method three: check router connections

A spy camera should not only shoot video, but also transfer it somewhere to save. Cheap tracking devices are equipped for this only with a wi-fi transmitter that sends the image to the router, and then it is sent to any place on the Internet. Thus, by tracing all connections to the router via wi-fi, you can calculate suspicious access points. To do this, you need a laptop or smartphone connected to the router and a special program that controls its connections.

A well-suited application for this is the popular Network Scanner connection finder. If the landlord stuck a conventional surveillance camera somewhere under the ceiling, then in the list of devices it will appear as camera or cam. If espionage is carried out in a more sophisticated manner, then the tourist will have to apply the deductive method of Sherlock Holmes by analyzing all suspicious connections to the router via wi-fi.

Method four (advanced): monitoring the radio broadcast by means of an RF detector

The most espionage-prone landlords can invest in an advanced spy camera with a powerful radio module. Such devices send video not to the nearest router, but to a wireless network, to which the tourist does not have access. Finding such gadgets is much more difficult – for this you need a special RF detector that scans radio frequencies.

An antispyware scanner of this type costs from 2 to 5 thousand rubles. and allows the identification of radio transmitters operating at different frequencies. When you move the RF detector around the room – near the signal source, it emits a squeak and indicates a suspicious place with fairly high accuracy. Knowing the approximate localization of the camera, it will not be difficult to detect it visually.

What to do if a hidden camera is found

Family found hidden cameras in rented accommodation

Hidden camera in fire alarm

By combining the above methods, 99% of spy cameras can be detected, but what to do with them next? It all depends on the situation. If you are dealing with a more or less sane owner of the premises, you can ask, as a human being, to stop espionage. It’s even easier to close up the camera lens with tape or throw a towel over it.

Well, if the landlord is persistently trying to restore surveillance, it may make sense to contact the police (after all, his actions are absolutely illegal), and also complain to the support service of the site through which they booked this apartment and they are 100% likely to block this object on their sites …

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