Are you going on a long-awaited vacation that you have planned for a long time? Or have you decided to buy a hot ticket, and now catastrophically do not have time to pull up all the cases? In either case, as always, there is not enough time … After all, there is so much to do in order to calmly go on a trip! Solve all questions about work, buy a new swimsuit, pick up clothes and shoes, pack your bags, close all current affairs, take care of house plants and pets, think over a plan in case of unforeseen circumstances, collect a first aid kit, make a list of excursions. And you also need to take care of your appearance!

We recommend that you pay attention to the Fast Line Studio network of salons. Their “trick” is the system of sets. This is what sets of beauty services are called. One set is performed by studio specialists in just 90 minutes. That is, you will receive a high-quality manicure, pedicure and haircut in exactly one and a half hours. Moreover, all this time you will sit relaxed in the Japanese armchair Takara Belmont and slowly think over all the details of the upcoming trip. Then go shopping for your dream swimsuit.

In this case, you do not depend at all on the personal circumstances of the masters, since you sign up for a job, and not for a specific specialist. This means that the recording will not fail, and everything will turn out right on time. By the way, Fast Line Studio has an online recording option, which also saves time.

It uses professional care cosmetics from leading European brands and disposable sets of consumables. In addition, the masters are armed with equipment from Baehr (Germany) and Takara Belmont (Japan), which allows them to perform all procedures efficiently, but at the same time quickly.

What’s available for Fast Line Studio customers? In short, these are haircuts, styling, different types and types of hair coloring, manicure, pedicure and eyebrow care. Please note: services are available to both the fair sex and the strong half of humanity.

It means like this: we pack our bags, for 90 minutes in Fast Line Studio, then for 30 minutes to the store for a swimsuit, a cup of coffee – and to the airport!

Come with us to catch up with the sunny summer!

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