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Tourism in the UAE is one of the most developed industries. This country will definitely find something to surprise the tourist. White sand, blue water, clean endless beaches, delicious food and impeccable service will hardly leave anyone indifferent. This vacation is for those who love comfort, Arabian exoticism and have a fairly high income.

Climate in the UAE:

For a vacation in the UAE, it is better to choose the time from November to April – it is during this period that the temperature and humidity are most comfortable: 20-30 degrees Celsius, while in the summer the thermometer reaches 50.

UAE visa:

Visa and insurance policy is issued free of charge upon arrival in the Emirates. The big plus is that you can bring an unlimited amount of money into the country in any currency. Please note that it is prohibited to import: pork, any weapons, drugs and pornography. The list of medicines that you can take with you is limited.

Hotels in the UAE:

There are hotels of all classes in Dubai – from one to five stars, so everyone can choose what they want. A gorgeous view of the sea opens from the windows of high-level hotels on the coast.
In Abu Dhabi, the situation is worse, all hotels are quite old, but not bad. Prices reach 400 USD per night in a five-star hotel.

Money in the UAE:

In the UAE, everyone uses the national currency – Dirhams (AED). It is easiest for tourists to take dollars with them – they are easier to change, and in some shops you can pay for purchases. The most adequate course is in banks.

Security in the UAE:

The Emirates is a very safe country, there is practically no crime here. But there are many other points that tourists need to know in order not to get into trouble. Namely: you can not take pictures of women, filming government and military institutions. It is forbidden to gamble, sunbathe naked, wander the street drunk, or drink alcohol in public places. Violation of these rules threatens not only problems with the police, but also deportation.

Attractions in the UAE:

Since the country itself is young, the main cultural monuments have an urban character. The tallest building in the world is located in Dubai – the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Next to it is a huge musical fountain in a large artificial lake. In addition, there are many interesting museums in the Emirates, for example, the archaeological museum in Sharjah. Also, Dubai is home to the world’s largest aquarium, a three-story building. There is even a ski resort. Amazing to come to the desert to ski? But it is really possible, in the shopping center “Mall of the Emirates” there is a ski complex “Ski Dubai”.

Shopping in the UAE:

Shopping in the UAE is very different and really cool. You can go shopping on the shopping streets, where you can bargain with sellers for an item you like for an infinitely long time. Or you can go to shopping centers to buy up collections of world brands. In addition, do not forget to buy a couple of authentic gizmos – gold items, expensive oriental carpets and silk fabrics, many spices and aromatic essences.

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