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Hamburg is an industrial port city in the northern part of Germany. It is located on the Elbe River, which connects it to the North Sea. Sure, it can be a little dirty, but still, it becomes part of the charm of the city. At first it may seem like you have absolutely no idea what to do here, but as you begin to get to know Hamburg better, it shows you a completely different side of it. Parks, architecture, a relaxed atmosphere – these are all links in the Hamburg chain and important reasons why you will spend an unforgettable time there.
The climate of Hamburg is typical for Western Europe. Cold, harsh winters and significantly warmer summers, although the city is never too hot. To enjoy Hamburg to its fullest, analyze the weather at the time of your arrival, it is vital to get to this city in good weather. Only then can you visit the docks, take a boat ride on the Elbe and admire the view from one or both of the main churches in the city. The best time to arrive in the industrial capital of Germany is between May and September.

Elbe Tunnel

This 426-meter tunnel was opened in 1911 and was created in order to connect the center of Hamburg with the docks and shipyards on the southern bank of the river. The construction of the tunnel was deemed necessary to improve working conditions in one of the busiest ports in the world. The walls of the tunnel are decorated with terracotta ornaments depicting objects related to the Elbe River. This is 100% one of the sights of the city, albeit not universally recognized

Church of St. Michael

St. Michael’s Church is considered one of the best attractions in Hamburg. It is also one of the few purpose-built Protestant churches in the city, most of which were originally built by Roman Catholics. Tourists can visit the church for free, although an entrance fee is required if visiting the tower or crypt. The tower offers a fantastic view of the city from a 132-meter height. Fortunately, there is an elevator here, so you don’t have to strain to get to the top.

Memorial of St. Nicholas

The Gothic Revival Church of St. Nicholas was formerly one of five Lutheran churches in Hamburg. The main part of the church was destroyed during the bombing in World War II, what is left has served as a memorial ever since. Climbing the tower, you will have a masterpiece view of the city. The church was the tallest building in the world from 1874 to 1876, and is the second tallest structure in Hamburg.


It may sound dirty at first, but the lively Reeperbahn is full of life. The epicenter of the city’s nightlife, the Reeperbahn, is where you’ll find many music venues, nightclubs, bars and the city’s infamous red-light district, a street that women are not allowed to walk on. This area is called Die sndigste meile, which translates as “sinful mile”. The Reeperbahn is a sleazy, dirty, sticky but unique area of ​​Hamburg’s nightlife.

Planten un Blomen

Planten un Blomen Is a green paradise because the rest of the city is industrial neighborhoods. This 116-acre city park is renowned for its water activities, public theaters and musical performances. Weather permitting, this park is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and merge with nature.
Hamburg is not a city for everyone, but if you give a little time to this place, in the end you will fall in love with it, because it is real, unadorned.

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