Traveling in Italy and shopping are inextricably linked. It is impossible to visit stone streets and noisy ports without grabbing bunches of colored spaghetti or powdered sweets with you. Here, delicious shopping beckons from every shop window, so do not deny yourself the pleasure of bringing home unusual gifts from Italy

Olive classic

It is hard to imagine Italian shopping without pasta, olives and olive oil. But spaghetti today can be bought at every step, so the first tip is to give up pasta. Better buy something less fragile and less bulky. For example, you can safely add basil sauce to the best souvenirs in Italy. Second recommendation: buy “basic” Italian goods not in souvenir shops, but in regular supermarkets. A pack of pasta will cost you 1 euro, a bottle of wine – 4-5 euro.

Regarding wine, everything is simple – buy varieties of the region you have visited. From Veneto we bring prosecco, from Abruzzo – chardonnay and merlot. For wine, you should buy prosciutto and salami, not forgetting about a bottle of balsamic vinegar. Reflecting what to bring from Italy, don’t forget about the legendary limoncello and his tough brother grappa.

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Stylish and tasty souvenirs

Where else to look for the soul of the country, if not in handmade souvenirs? Quality haberdashery can be purchased from family workshops. For leather bags and wallets, head to the Mancini store near the Pantheon.

In Rome, don’t miss the Bartolucci family shop. The world-wide fame was brought to this store by handmade watches and wooden figures of Pinocchio. The shop is located in the very center of the capital.

To the list the best souvenirs in Italy horrible and lace. Visit Burano Island last, otherwise there will be no room for other purchases in your backpack. Lace masterpieces will win your heart, and they will compete in beauty only with colorful houses on the embankment of the town.

Those with a sweet tooth should visit Turin, where old pastry recipes are mixed with modern technology. The result of such an experiment will shake your taste buds. Try hot pepper chocolates or rosemary chocolates. Take home a box of marzipans in the form of miniature fruits.

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Going home

When packing souvenirs in your suitcase, make sure not to grab any pebbles or shards. He may be mistaken for a valuable piece of history. The rest of the restrictions are few:

  • Alcohol can be exported in any quantity that you can bring into your country;
  • Food can be transported without restrictions, but food must be in packaging and labeled;
  • It is not recommended to export shells in the amount of more than 2-3 pieces. They will certainly be confiscated.

Asking the question what can you bring from Italy, imagine yourself in a regular shopping and buy whatever you like. And remember that the Mediterranean people love to bargain loudly and spiritedly. Especially if you are going to buy several products at once.

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