Yes, this is a real Kids Concept with all the amenities for children. So it comes as no surprise that Orange County Resort Hotel Alanya is always noisy and fun. Family tourists choose this hotel in Alanya to have a good time and give their children vivid emotions. After all, entertainment is the main strong point of a five-star complex. But let’s take a look at all the features of the resort in order.

Best location for a family hotel

You leave the building, walk past the pool and – the beach! This is what a vacation in the Alanya “orange” five looks like. The beauty of the landscape is confirmed by a video review of the Orange County Resort Hotel Alanya: the multi-storey main building with a blue and white crown rises above the surrounding greenery. On the one hand – the sea, on the other, a hilly area covered with grass, bushes and low trees. The view of the highway passing next to the hotel spoils the view a little, but the noise of passing cars does not darken the rest of the guests. Moreover, the rooms are spacious and comfortable, the furniture is modern, the equipment is working. You can also change your room to a higher class by paying extra at the reception. There will be no problems with communicating with the staff, since the hotel has Russian-speaking employees.

You won’t stay hungry

Buffet tables are full of food. The variety of dishes is impressive, as reported by Orange County Resort Hotel Alanya reviews. Veal, beef, chicken, turkey, stewed and fried fish, lots of vegetables and fruits, enough desserts. To try everything, you need several days, risking overeating and gaining a couple of kilos. Therefore, experienced tourists taste a little, choosing their favorite dishes.

Vacationers praise the fast food at the diner and beach bar. Sushi, pasta and pizza are a separate joy for children. Those wishing to have a late night snack go to the snack bar, where hungry guests will find not a plate of soup, but a full-fledged buffet. Therefore, the food at the hotel will not leave indifferent adults either.

Children will have fun

During the entire tourist season, the children’s club on the territory of the resort is open from 10 to 18 hours. Children play, engage in creativity, dance in mini-discos. The photo of Orange County Resort Hotel Alanya shows colorful playrooms with bright furniture, attractions, a children’s pool with fountains and figurines. Tourists speak favorably about the animation, the staff of the mini-club is thinking over an entertainment program for kids and schoolchildren. And fun contests and sports competitions charge children with energy and good mood.


Adults won’t get bored either

The parents are also entertained by the animators. The ringleaders entertain guests by the pool, on the beach and on the pier. The spa hammam is free and massages can be booked for a fee. During the cold season, there are two indoor pools, a deep one and a shallow one. There is also a gym, ping pong tables and a mini water park with 4 slides on site. The main pool occupies almost the entire courtyard, as can be seen from the video of Orange County Resort Hotel Alanya. There was a place for an amphitheater, which hosts evening shows with performances by Turkish performers. Discos are held here in the evenings. At the end of the tourist season, the animation becomes less active, the number of shows decreases. By midnight, the fun dies down, it’s time to clean up and prepare the area for a new day.

The recreation area is lined with sun loungers, and the beach is located just behind the pedestrian promenade. Therefore, tourists often spend the whole day by the pool, sometimes going for a swim in the sea.


Beach amenities

The coast near the hotel is narrow, sandy and pebble. The sunbeds are arranged in several rows on the shore near shallow water and on a large pier with a descent ladder into deep water. The artificial structures are built in a semicircle, creating a small lagoon. The beach bar is open until late serving refreshing and strong drinks.

Tourists praise the pier, calling it almost the best in Turkey. Having looked at the review of the Orange County Resort Hotel Alanya on, you can see how beautifully it is illuminated at night. This is a great place for a romantic evening walk and get-togethers by the sea.


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