In the summer, many of us go on long-awaited vacations. In order not to spoil your vacation experience by typing a bunch of unnecessary things, but also not forgetting something you need, it is important to fold your suitcase correctly. We share tips and life hacks from experienced travelers on how to think over a list of things and optimally collect your vacation luggage.

How to choose the right suitcase

A well-chosen suitcase is an indispensable attribute of a good trip.

A comfortable journey begins with choosing the right suitcase. A good one should have:

  • telescopic handle suitable for your height,
  • maneuverable silicone wheels (the larger their diameter, the more passable the suitcase will be) – better on metal mounts,
  • high-quality zipper (metal is stronger than plastic, and spiral is more reliable than tractor),
  • the presence of a combination lock.

How to put things in a suitcase so they don’t wrinkle

The main place in the luggage is usually clothing. It is important that the vacation wardrobe is chosen according to the principle of a capsule – things should be interchangeable and functional, combined with each other in colors and style. To do this, each of them must match 2-3 other garments you have selected. By the way, this will save not only space, but also time for packing: you no longer have to pick up clothes on a trip, because you will already have several ready-made sets to choose from.

Items selected for a vacation wardrobe should be in harmony with each other.

There are several ways to make sure that the clothes in the suitcase do not take up too much space and do not wrinkle at the same time:

  • Vacuum bags for clothes with a portable pump will greatly save space in your suitcase. If they are available, it is convenient if each of the family members has their own – this will help to avoid confusion and reduce the time spent looking for the right thing.
  • If you are not the happy owner of such bags, if there is not enough space in your suitcase, it is better not to stack your clothes in a pile, but try to fill its entire volume with it, distributing it among other items.
Life hack: To make clothes less wrinkled, it is better to twist it in rolls. And if you give preference to materials that do not require ironing, then you can do without an iron.

Packing a suitcase at sea correctly

  • Do not take too much on the sea, no matter how trite it may sound! For example, for a week at a seaside resort, on average, you will need 3-4 T-shirts, some shorts, a skirt or dress, light trousers and a jumper for cool evenings. Do not forget also about swimwear and slippers (by the way, the latter can be compactly placed in the lid of a suitcase).
  • Choose versatile items that can be used in different situations: for example, you can cover your head with a cotton or viscose stole in the heat, and tie it around your neck or throw it over your shoulders in windy or cool weather.
  • For the beach, instead of traditional towels, synthetic ones for the pool are perfect. With a smaller volume, they have increased absorption properties and at the same time dry much faster.
  • If you go to the sea with children, it makes no sense to take buckets, watering cans and other voluminous toys for the beach. Just a few items will be enough, the rest can be purchased locally. But take inflatable balls, sleeves and circles from home – when deflated in a suitcase, they will take up very little space, and they will cost more at the resort.

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How not to put too much in a suitcase

  • The heaviest and most voluminous things, if possible, it is advisable to carry on yourself – these are jeans, sneakers, sweaters, jackets.
  • The umbrella will replace a waterproof windbreaker or raincoat (raincoat), and silicone overshoes will help protect the shoes from moisture.
  • Warm things should be made of technological fabrics – they are lighter and more compact. For example, a set of clothes consisting of thermal underwear, a fleece jumper and a thin synthetic winterizer will protect you from the cold – all this takes up very little space, but is very functional. A large selection of such clothing is presented in sports stores.
  • As for shampoos, lotions and creams, they can be poured into special travel bottles of smaller volume. Look for mini-packs of toothpaste and samples of various cosmetics (especially perfume). A folding mirror comb will also help save space.

Packing a suitcase for the child

When traveling with children, try to put things in your luggage for different occasions.

So that the head does not go dizzy from the number of things and their volume, here are some effective tips for optimizing children’s luggage.

  • When it comes to babies, the question arises of how to carry diapers and baby food, because these two items can take a whole suitcase. And if you take into account the cost of a piece of baggage with most of the carriers, it turns out to be quite costly and often pointless. It is better to calculate the amount the child needs for the next three days. During this time, you will have time to look around the area: almost everywhere there are stores with children’s goods, where popular brands of food and hygiene products are presented.
  • For parents of babies, a folding travel pot will be a good help. This option is especially convenient when traveling by car.
  • If on vacation you often rent a car, then the space in the shared luggage and the family budget will help to save a child’s folding car seat-backpack, in which the child, by the way, can carry his belongings on his own.
  • To have something to do in the interval between active games, for kids you can take pocket – the size of a palm – collections of children’s poems and fairy tales, and for older children, instead of printed publications, download e-books or audio stories (the main thing is not to forget the headphones!).
  • Also useful are compact travel versions of board games – checkers and backgammon, card games like “Uno” and “Activity”, as well as forfeits and various puzzles.

What else to take with you on your trip

Do not neglect the little things that can be useful while traveling.

In addition, such oversized but very useful things can come in handy while traveling, such as:

  • Multifunctional folding knife – if the rules of transportation allow, it is better to take it with you. It can be needed in a wide variety of situations – from a picnic with a bottle of wine on the beach to cutting film for packing luggage.
  • Folding backpacks that collect in a small bag – when folded they take up almost no space and weigh nothing, but if necessary, they will become a full-fledged additional bag – for example, to carry beach accessories or during outings on excursions.
  • Zip bags – it is convenient to take a snack with you or use them as protection for your phone, documents and jewelry from moisture, sand and dirt.

Answers to popular questions about how to pack a suitcase

1. What medicines should I take with me on vacation?
It is imperative to put universal essentials in your travel kit: pain reliever and antipyretic (for example, based on paracetamol), adsorbent and antidiarrheal, disinfectant (by the way, hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green and iodine are produced in the form of markers, which is very convenient to use and will save luggage from leaks). Also, do not forget that cardboard boxes take up too much space, and it is not necessary to take the entire pack completely – in case of an unforeseen situation, one blister from the package of tablets is enough.
2. How to pack documents neatly?
It is convenient to use special organizers to store them, especially if you are going on vacation with your family: this way it will be easier for you to control the safety of passports, birth certificates of children, medical policies and boarding passes.

3. Which suitcase is better – fabric or plastic?
This is purely a matter of taste and budget, as each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Unlike plastic ones, fabric suitcases are not suitable for transporting fragile items, but some of them can expand due to the additional space under the lid. At the same time, plastic ones are more durable and easier to clean, but prone to scratches, so at the airport, most likely, you will not do without a protective film.

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