The more a person gets tired in a year, the better he wants to relax in the summer. In most countries, especially popular tourist countries, summer is a high season, because it is on it that most of the vacationers fall (to save money – we recommend you use early booking), and it is this season that some people literally hate, because it is not possible to relax in peace. What is even more difficult is choosing where to go, because there are a huge variety of places that are just ideal for a summer vacation, moreover, they are really interesting, and accordingly, the choice is quite difficult to make.

Some of the following suggested destinations are popular, and some you may not have heard of, but your summer vacation should go just fine:


For most people, even those who are not tourists, there is no need to describe all the beauties of the city – Barcelona, ​​which is so loved by many tourists. Beach vacation here is considered one of the best, moreover, it is at a fairly high level. In addition, tourists can have a great time in the city, visiting museums, markets and just admiring the amazing architecture here. As it is not difficult to guess, in the summer – the number of tourists here is simply off scale, therefore a person may not even count on a quiet rest.



This town in Portugal is also very popular with tourists, especially during the summer. Delicious food and alcohol, warm ocean and just an interesting city will make your vacation definitely successful. The mild local climate will contribute to the minimum period of acclimatization, therefore it will be possible to recognize the city almost immediately after the tourist is in it. Finding entertainment is not a problem here, because Porto is definitely good for a summer vacation!



All Greek cities are popular and excellent for recreation, but here, on the island of Corfu, a tourist can relax in peace and just enjoy nature and the sea. The locals are quite friendly, and the cuisine here is delicious, so a tasty and relaxing vacation is the best place for those who are tired of the bustle of the city and just want to relax.

Tel Aviv


An excellent, but perhaps expensive place to stay in Israel, so not every tourist can afford to visit it. Here rest will be delicious, elegant and somewhat noisy, but if a person prefers nightlife, then this is even for the best. Separately, the point of proper preparation for a trip to this city is highlighted so that it does not become a problem for a tourist, and the necessary recommendations can always be found on the Internet, or find out the recommendations of our PRO managers by calling the toll-free number: 8-800-550-35-10.

Leaving aside the details and specific preferences, you will notice that the largest part of the tourism industry is based on summer and beach travel, so a lot of places are suitable for them, in which the vacation will definitely go well. That is why it can be so difficult to make your own choice.
There are many ways to travel and a lot of different recommendations, but in the end everything is up to the traveler himself, because the rest should only be positive and leave pleasant impressions. Or we recommend that you trust and apply for a choice of rest to our office, where our managers can more accurately orient you to the desired country and hotel according to your preferences, requirements and budget.

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