Since February 2014, Crimea has become part of Russia, which has become the main event when choosing a seaside vacation for our compatriots. Rest in Feodosia enjoys special attention Is one of the oldest cities on the Black Sea coast. It is suitable for families, as well as for youth and retirement.

Rest in Feodosia - Golden Beach
Golden beach

A sandy beach is located along the entire coast of this city, hence the most famous name: Golden Beachpopular with tourists of all ages. After all, there is nothing more pleasant to step on the warm sand, under the rays of the Crimean sun, close your eyes and listen to the sound of the surf. But besides this, the Crimean city has prepared a huge selection of entertainment for every taste.

Things to do in Feodosia

Feodosia is a great choice for families with children. In this city, tourists can find the necessary entertainment and educational excursions, and the city itself invites its guests to visit, for example, such places as:

Koktebel water park– the largest water park in Crimea, will be the best impression of the rest for the whole year (24 slides, 7 pools, 3 jacuzzis and 5 cafes). What could be better than water attractions, especially since the area of ​​the water park is large enough to accommodate up to 3000 visitors, there is a guarded parking lot and public transport stops nearby.

Rest in Feodosia - Koktebel Water Park

Feodossi Dolphinarium Nemo will give unforgettable emotions from acquaintance with dolphins and sea lions, will slightly open the doors to the beauty of marine nature and tell about the harmony of the underwater world. Sea animals perform for the viewer with interesting numbers, there is an opportunity to take pictures with them and even swim.

Rest in Feodosia - Dolphinarium Nemo


For older people in Feodosia there are a number of museums, such as: the Aivazovsky Museum, the Museum of Local Lore, the Museum of the Tsvetaev sisters and others. It is impossible not to visit the Ganuez fortress, which is famous for the monument of the old city of Feodosia (Kaffa), whose age has reached 2500 years.

Ganuez fortress
Ganuez fortress

The ancient dachas of Crimean families are located on the embankment of Feodosia, these are real masterpieces of architecture, whose wealth delights from the first minutes. Walking around the city and the embankment, you will notice that every 15 meters there is where to look and diversify your vacation and broaden your horizons.

Beach parties?

Beach parties
Beach parties

For the younger generation, Feodosia opens the doors of beach parties every year. The most popular place in the city is Beach Club-117. It got its name because of its territorial location on the Golden Beach and 117 kilometers of the Simferopol-Kerch highway.

No less popular are the Arcadia and Baron nightclubs. In Feodosia there are many cafes and restaurants with various cuisines, which cannot but delight connoisseurs of delicious food. On the beaches there are catamarans and boat rental offices, and there is also the opportunity to ride a banana boat.

Growing grapes

Rest in Feodosia - Growing grapes
Growing grapes

Feodosia is famous for its grapes; many residents of this city are engaged in the production of homemade wine and grow their own vineyards.

The geographical position of Crimea allows for the production of interesting grape varieties.

Not far from Feodosia, namely in Koktebel, there is a winerywhere you can go on an excursion. There they will tell in detail about the peculiarities of production and grape varieties, take guests around the plant and tell about its history. There is also a shop on site where you can buy wine and souvenirs.

Active rest in Feodosia?


For lovers of outdoor activities in Feodosia there are sightseeing tours by helicopter, diving, motorcycle walks, sea fishing, parachute flights behind a boat, paintball and much more. The tour can be booked as an individual or as a group.

Rest in Feodosia is a great opportunity to spend an unforgettable vacation, vacation with the whole family, plunge into the history of the Crimean peninsula.

Feel the high culture, enjoy the nature of mountain peaks, the beauty of the sea and golden sand. And of course, improve your health, because Crimea has long been famous for its sanatoriums and the purest sea air.

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