Dubai is a magnificent city on the shores of the Persian Gulf. One of the most developed cities in its region, where both businessmen and tourists strive to get. The skyscrapers of Dubai amaze with their beauty and stateliness, the sea whispers tenderly in your ear, and the warm yellow sand attracts thousands of tourists from cold Europe. Growing up over fifty years ago, Dubai immediately became the banking, economic and business center of the Middle East. And the democratic and cordial attitude of local residents to foreigners attracts a huge number of tourists every year.

Dubai is a city in which you do not feel like a stranger, mixing and dissolving in a colorful mass of people who are moving in a stream through the mall, you do not attract any outside attention, because only here you can find such a variety of nationalities. The high level of security makes you feel comfortable both day and night.

Arriving in Dubai in winter, and the best season for a holiday in this city, from October to April, you immediately feel the warm air, the rustle of gray-green palm branches and the chirping of birds.

Of course, there are daredevils who go to Dubai at the height of summer, let’s say, in July or August, looking for the cheap cost of vouchers, but then you just have to run out to the sea at six in the morning and return to your room at eight and all your free spend time either in a hotel or in shopping centers under air conditioning.


Shopping centers in Dubai are abundant. Many people praise a trip to Dubai for good shopping, but to be honest, here you can count on buying electronics, especially new items, and you can buy a good mink coat, the choice is wider and the prices are slightly lower. Feel free to go to Nasser Square for fur coats and electronics. There are a large number of small electronics stores, and fur coats are sold in the Abrazh center, which is located on the same Nasser Square.

All tourists from different hotels are brought to Deira City Center – this is a large shopping center where you can buy clothes during the sales period. In addition, you should visit Dubai Mall – the largest shopping center in the Emirates, and in the Middle East as a whole. It is in front of the Dubai Mall that a view of a beautiful artificially created reservoir opens, where a singing fountain show takes place every half hour. From here you can also see the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. If you wish, you can climb the tower at a reasonable fee, although tickets for it should be bought in advance.

Dubai Mall will delight you not only with a variety of shops, but also with the largest aquarium. For an additional fee, you can visit the Fish Museum, where in the tunnel you can see sharks and other marine life behind glass.

You can get to Dubai Mall by metro. In general, a trip by metro to Dubai is also a whole event. Marble floors, carriages sparkling clean, toilets at every metro station. Trains run without a driver. Each train provides for a carriage only for women, and a man who gets here rather seeks to leave it in order to avoid meeting with the law enforcement officer. Some of the metro stations run above the ground, so you can enjoy beautiful views of the city while driving to Dubai Mall.


When preparing for your trip to Dubai, remember that this is not a beach city, where every hotel is located on the coastline and has its own beach. Almost all hotels are located in busy areas away from the beach. All tourists are taken by hotel buses to large equipped park areas, where there is a beach, a barbecue area, and a playground for children. The most popular place is the Al Mamzar beach.

The tourist guides who meet the tourists at the park will not let you get bored, but will immediately offer several excursions to choose from. I must say that there are few excursions here, since only a few states of the Emirates are considered developed, they are separated by the desert. The guides will offer you a trip to Abu Dhabi – the capital of the Emirates, a jeep safari or a trip to Al Ain, where there is a wonderful zoo where animals live in natural conditions.

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