Even then it was clear that the city would become one of the centers of tourism. The city itself is not rich in sights. In principle, Sapu and its surrounding areas should be considered attractions. Particularly interesting is the market area near the lake. Every year representatives of local settlements come here to sell their products. As a rule, it is only popular among vacationers. Trading takes place in the main market square, but some vendors organize souvenir patches in the streets or small side streets.


  • Sapa Museum
  • Sapa Church
  • Mount Ham Rong
  • Love market
  • Main market
  • Lake Sapy
  • Thak Bak Waterfall
  • Tram Ton pass
  • Kat Kat village
  • Ta Fin village

There are many small cozy cafes in the city. Although the most exciting thing is just to walk along the streets of Sapa, look into shops, and then relax in a cafe, sipping coffee. You can also relax by the pond with swan-shaped boats.

Of the famous attractions, the most famous are the Sapa Museum, Mount Hamrong and the Catholic Church. But most of the interesting places are located around the city. There are waterfalls, rivers, passes, and, finally, extraordinary nature. Some sights can be visited independently, but there are also such routes that are best explored along with the excursion.


Tours to all the local beauties are constantly held from the city. There are so many travel agencies in Sapa that in absolutely any of them there is an opportunity to purchase the tour you like. Even hotels have a similar service. Interestingly, excursions are conducted by local residents who have become guides. It is always interesting with such people, because they have lived here for many years and know not only all the sights, but also numerous legends associated with the surroundings. It should be noted that there are excursions that must be visited with a guide. This is due to the fact that an inexperienced tourist is likely to get lost in the jungle, or simply will not find anything interesting. Tourist tours cost from 20 to 40 dollars, depending on the number of days spent here.

You can spend the night in tent camps, or with accommodation with the local population, which is rare. Also in Sapa there are so-called guesthouses, built only for vacationers. They are also considered home accommodations, but with some peculiarities. Each room provides all the amenities and meals are included.


Excursions to the waterfalls and caves are quite simple, you can visit them on your own. But there are some tips that you can follow to avoid unpleasant incidents.

  1. It is impossible to get to the villages for free. You will have to pay about 40,000 dong for a ticket.
  2. Some places can only be reached by motorcycle. Having arrived at the right place, it is worth staying at the guesthouse. And only after rest, you can comfortably go on an excursion to the surrounding places.
  3. If you are traveling on your own, then there is the possibility of joining one of the tour groups. They always leave from the agency or from the city center.


Sapa Museum

The museum is located in the main square. It is optional during excursions. But if there is extra time, then why not visit it. In it, anyone can get to know better the culture, traditions and life of the Vietnamese people.

The museum is not impressive with its size. It is located in a small beautiful building and is very similar to the Museum of Women. On the ground floor, you can see several exhibits showing the national clothes of people inhabiting neighboring villages. The most interesting part of the collection is on the second floor. There are four halls with men’s and women’s clothing and household items. The drums used during the rituals are also worth exploring. On the walls of the museum, be sure to look at old photographs that depict the ordinary life of the population of Sapa. Each exhibit has a sign with explanations. It is advised to visit the museum at the very beginning of the trip in order to feel the inner flavor.



This church is also known as the Catholic Church. According to historical data, the shrine was built in the 20th century. The architect spent a long time choosing the place of construction, and as a result, the choice fell on the very heart of the city, where all the roads intersect.

Despite its young age, the building has undergone several closings. And once it was used as a granary. Today it operates and even has its own website.


Mount Ham Rong

The foot of the mountain is located in the central part of the city, not far from the sports ground. The mountain itself is so great that it extends far beyond Sapa. If, having arrived in Sap, you do not want to leave the city, then this attraction is not for you. But you can explore the flora and fauna at the base of Ham Rong. For tourists, a whole park with beautiful gardens and waterfalls was built on the territory of the mountain. Observation platforms are organized at high points. Children’s attractions have been installed for children. At certain times, tourists are delighted with shows with traditional songs and dances. In addition to mountain peaks, deep caves lie inside Ham Rong.

Walking along Ham Rong is very difficult for an unprepared person, because most of the route passes through numerous ladders and steps. Everything would be fine, if they did not zip, then lowering, then rising. The observation deck of the mountain is located at the very top, at an altitude of 1800 meters. It will take at least two hours to see all the sights.


Love market

This is a special attraction. The market got its name for a reason. Once upon a time men came here in search of their soul mate. The girls danced for them, sang songs and so found their betrothed. If a man and a woman liked each other, then they retired for a few days, and then got married. This is how the love market came about.

Nowadays, whole theatrical performances are organized on the theme of the legend, which tourists really like. They are held every Saturday evening. Before visiting, grab some extra money to tip the girls who will be singing. After all, they are doing this now not for the suitors, but for you.


Main market

The whole city center is called a market. They trade absolutely everything here. These can be groceries, fast food, and more. The most useful is probably the sale of hiking equipment, shoes, clothing and tools. There are also numerous stalls with local artisan products and exotic foods that are not for the faint of heart.


Lake Sapy

In the very center of Sapa there is a lake of the same name. His only entertainment will be long walks around during the day, and better in the evening. Unfortunately, you will not see anything else interesting on it.


Thak Bak Waterfall

Thak Bak is located 10 kilometers from the city. Its height is 100 meters, thanks to which the waterfall has become the largest in Sapa. It makes no sense to come here during the dry season, as some of its parts dry up, and it is a miserable sight. But in the rainy season, the waterfall fully compensates for its pity in dry times.

An infrastructure was created near this attraction: a market and a small cafe with national food. You can climb to the very top using a special staircase, along the entire length of which there are gazebos. At the very top, there is an observation deck with a marvelous view of the surrounding landscape.

The only drawback is that when approaching the waterfall, locals will stubbornly call you to stop at a paid parking lot. You don’t have to agree, you can just drive a little ahead and leave your vehicle near the entrance. There is no point in being afraid that he will be stolen, since even a motorcycle or a car in which you arrived can be seen from the observation deck.


Tram Ton pass

The pass is located at an altitude of 2 kilometers. It is the largest mining formation in Vietnam. It offers a magnificent view, although you don’t often see it, as the pass is enveloped in fog. The climate here also has its own characteristics, since the pass is located at the junction of two climatic zones. On the one hand, you are in the cold zone, and on the other side, you find yourself in the heat.

Of course, next to Tram Ton is a small market with local food and souvenirs.


Kat Kat village

The village of Kat Kat is closest to Sapu. It is impossible to call it a village, since there is a real attraction with a paid entrance on the territory of Kat Kat. However, it is very interesting and informative here. In addition to local landscapes, the village has its own waterfall and a small collection of ancient Vietnamese household items. To come here, it is not necessary to purchase a guided tour. You can come on your own, pay for the entrance and travel around the Cat Cat.


Ta Fin village

This is another national village located a few kilometers from Sapa. Ta Fin is unique for its tribes that have lived in friendship for many years. They are very fond of tourists and often offer to settle in their homes. In return, people expect you to buy some of their products. You can also purchase a room at the hotel.

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