Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Russians (more than 80% of bookings are made in Turkey by Russian tourists). The prevalence of this state among tourists from the Russian Federation is due to the low price of tours, favorable climate and comfortable infrastructure of Turkish resorts. Due to the unique geographic location, weather conditions in Turkey are constantly changing. For a comfortable stay in this country, tourists must correctly determine the time for the trip, which determines the workload of Turkish resorts and the entertainment program.

The beginning of the tourist season

Travelers begin to visit Turkey in late April and early May. At this time, warm sunny weather begins to set. Despite this factor, the sea remains cold and unsuitable for swimming. Most of the foreigners visiting Turkey at the beginning of the tourist season come for the cultural attractions of the country. The main destinations for this season are Ankara, Istanbul, Erzurum and Izmir. In April, ski resorts continue to operate (the largest ski resort in Turkey is Uludag) located in the Asian part of Turkey.
The advantage of this period is the reduced price of the tours. When visiting the main attractions of the country, the traveler will not encounter large groups of tourists, which will help to better immerse in the Turkish culture. The climate in mid-spring is favorable for hiking. But the cold winds do not allow tourists to relax on the beach.

Mid tourist season

The largest number of foreign tourists come to the Republic of Turkey in late June – early September. During this period, a hot tropical climate is established throughout the country. During the daytime, the air temperature can rise up to + 35 ° С. In the coastal regions of the state, there is high humidity, which excludes long walks. At this time, the beach season officially opens. Most tourists spend their time at the sea, the temperature of which becomes suitable for swimming. Near the beach sectors, a huge number of shopping arcades and stalls are being set up, selling fresh fruit at a low price. The most popular destination for beach lovers are resorts in Antalya.
The disadvantage of the middle of the tourist season is the increased price of tours. The amount of the tour can be reduced by 30-40% by purchasing the tour in advance (3-4 months before the trip) – according to the early booking promotion. It is not recommended to visit Turkey in the summer for cultural and historical attractions. Many museums, galleries, cathedrals and mosques are lined up with travelers, which can ruin the experience of the trip.

End of the tourist season

The last groups of tourists visit the Republic of Turkey in late September – early November. At this time, the air temperature does not exceed + 25 ° С. In the southern regions of the country, warm summer weather continues, allowing you to sunbathe on the beaches and swim in the sea. The rainy season begins in autumn in Turkey. The greatest amount of precipitation falls in October, which leads to flooding in the coastal regions of the state. At the end of the tourist season, most foreigners come to the Republic of Turkey for spa treatments and viewing the main cultural sites of the country. In early November, ski resorts begin to operate in Turkey, operating throughout the winter and spring.

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