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Pskov is an ancient city that was founded over 1000 years ago. During this period, many historical and cultural monuments have been accumulated, each of which reminds of a specific historical event. Pskov survived many enemy attacks, and its inhabitants defended their territory with dignity each time. So, for example, until recently, the Pskovites held back the onslaught of the enemy during the Great Patriotic War, not letting the Nazis into Leningrad. But the city was captured and liberated in 1944.

Pskov Krom

Or just the Kremlin. The most popular attraction for many years has been the Pskov Krom, within its walls, as well as in a similar building in Moscow, the territory of the original settlement, which has grown into a large populous polis, is visible. It is the historical center of the city. From the very foundation of the ancient settlement, the Kremlin has stood at the intersection of the Pskov and Velikaya rivers. Construction began during the reign of Princess Olga.

Trinity Cathedral

The temple, 72 meters high, was erected by order of Princess Olga. Until now, the church is a kind of symbol of the city. For most of its “long life” the temple was active. The only exception was the Soviet period.

Dovmont town

During the reign of Dovmont, temples and other buildings were being completed to the existing Krom. The result is a city with a fortress. Peter I ordered the destruction of these “useless” buildings. In the 20th century, archaeologists discovered the ruins of such a non-standard once embodied idea. The tower is practically destroyed, and travelers never tire of modifying old legends and inventing new ones.

Thunder tower

The tower surrounded by legends was part of the city’s defense complex. The appearance of fairy tales is associated with abandonment, forgotten by real history.
It is interesting to visit Pskov at least once. It is located in the north-west of Russia, it is easy to reach it by plane, express train or train from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Sights can be found decently, especially for Orthodox pilgrims, lovers of antiquity and Romanesque architecture. The city at the intersection of two rivers has given the world a large number of holy places filled with the tranquility of monasteries. He is not popular among tourists, but he always waits for his wanderer with quiet joy.

The following monasteries are worth visiting when in these parts:
Snetogorsk monastery
Staro-Voznesensky Convent.
Mirozhsky monastery.
Not a monastery, but the Church of Constantine and Helena.
The trip will not be boring, from it you can glean a lot of interesting information for thought, get imbued with Russian culture, feel what it means to live on the western side of Russia.

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