In Strasbourg, both French and German influence can be traced in equal measure. The reason for this was the proximity of the city to Germany, which could not but affect the daily life of the townspeople. The sights of Strasbourg reflect such a mixture in the architecture of the city, in which German streets are lined with buildings in the tradition of French architecture.

Strasbourg landmarks

Attractions Strasbourg - Cathedral

The most famous landmark of Strasbourg remains Cathedral cities. It appeared in the eleventh century and for a long time was considered the tallest building in Europe.

Opposite the Gothic building of the Strasbourg Cathedral, there is another interesting building – the Rogan Palace. In the building of the palace today there is an art museum, presenting to visitors a wide collection of masters of painting from different eras. There are many old buildings in the Old Town. Here are located buildings, mainly related to the XVI-XVII centuries. Most of them are occupied by souvenir shops.


Strasbourg Attractions -Christmas in Strasbourg
Christmas in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is especially picturesque during the Christmas period. At this time, city quarters turn into fairgrounds, the aroma of delicious dishes and drinks soars everywhere, the music does not subside until the morning. Large-scale festivities on the occasion of the upcoming holiday are organized in Kaisersberg, where excursion groups often go.

Gastronomic life

Restaurant in Strasbourg
Restaurant in Strasbourg

This city has a large number of gastronomic establishments serving national cuisine. For example, the Lyakulle A Pot restaurant is very popular, featuring neat serving and a wide selection of dishes. Tasting of national dishes can be continued in S’kechel.

The gastronomic life in Strasbourg is as rich as the cultural one.

Among the best establishments of Italian cuisine, it is worth highlighting Il Paradiso… This restaurant is distinguished by high-class service and high quality Italian signature treats.


Strasbourg attractions - Parc del'Orangerie
Parc del’Orangerie

Among the most beautiful and charming parks in Strasbourg is the Parc del’Orangerie. The picturesqueness and tranquility of this place is conducive to a serene and peaceful rest. In the warm season, you can take a fascinating boat trip along the park lake. There are a number of cozy cafes in the Orangerie Park; there is also the opportunity to visit the zoological garden.


Strasbourg Attractions - O Viv Sports Center
O Viv Sports Center

Lovers of active recreation will find a lot of interesting things for themselves in the center of O Viv. There are gyms and gyms, massage rooms. This center offers its clients a range of high quality wellness programs.

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