Spain is a sunny country with a unique charisma, colorful people and gorgeous beaches. With a wide variety of vacation spots, it is difficult to choose where to go on vacation. We remove your headache and narrow the selection down to the “golden” ten! So, the best resorts in Spain!


For those who associate a measured beach vacation with the boredom of a mortal, God himself created Ibiza! The city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Where is the best vacation in Spain by the sea with the coolest night and sunset parties? Of course, here! A wide selection of nightclubs where famous DJs perform, instagram landscapes are a real paradise for a drive-by youth holiday.


From here it will be convenient to get out on an excursion to Barcelona: the journey by train will take about an hour. Salou is great for families and young children. Entry into the water is smooth, sandy. Lifeguards and many cozy taverns work on the beaches.

San Sebastian

One of the oldest cities in the Basque country. Once it was a tiny fishing village, today it is a fashionable resort with high quality service.


If you are looking for beach resorts in Spain with children, Marbella is the best option for your vacation! The city and its surroundings have 23 beaches with a total length of 27 kilometers! Most of them have been awarded Blue Flags.


Tenerife, Canary Islands

If mainland Spain is suitable for a beach holiday from May to mid-October, then in Tenerife you can enjoy summer in any of the 12 months! And what is the black volcanic sand and the sound of the ocean! Clean, beautiful beaches, many places to visit with children (water parks, zoos), well-developed infrastructure and the same Spanish spirit.


A wide range of entertainment for lovers of outdoor activities, well-developed infrastructure and some of the best beaches on the Mediterranean coast.


We talk a lot about resorts for young people and for fun lovers, but what about introverts? Calm! Nerja is your paradise. A small, cozy town will appeal to tourists who dream of enjoying unity with nature, silence and magnificent landscapes. A great place to turn off your phone and experience all the delights of a leisurely life.



Ideal for people who cannot stand the heat: here the air temperature rarely exceeds 25 with a plus sign, while there are almost no rainy days. The beaches are clean and wide. The highlight is the pink lake Salada de Torrevieja, which in its medicinal properties can compete with the Dead Sea in Israel.


Another popular beach resort. Tourists love it for its abundance of attractions and beautiful beaches.



A picturesque town on the Costa Dorada. We recommend watching fantastic sunsets from the observation deck, which is called the “Mediterranean Balcony”, sunbathing on the beaches with golden sand … Eat and drink in local taverns, which are famous for their cuisine. And also – to buy jamon in small family shops. If you describe the city in three words, then its slogan is: “Eat, pray, love”!

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