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Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, USA, Jordan, Armenia: conditions of entry for tourists from Russia

Air traffic with Turkey resumed from June 22, with Bulgaria, Cyprus, Jordan, USA, North Macedonia – from 28. From the same date, flights to Croatia, Greece, Armenia, Serbia are added. Russians can enter these countries for tourist purposes … Note that since June 28, air traffic with Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Qatar, Switzerland, Finland is …


Everything you need to know for tourists with coronavirus abroad

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in cases where a Russian contracted a coronavirus infection abroad, the responsibility lies solely with him. What awaits the sick abroad – we will tell in the article … According to the executive director of ERV, Yulia Alcheeva, in case of infection with a coronavirus infection abroad, the protocol …


Will it be possible to return the money to tourists who have refused tours to the Krasnodar Territory?

The coronavirus restrictions imposed by the Kuban authorities have forced many tourists to abandon their August trips to Sochi and Anapa. Will they get a refund already spent on their booking? … At the end of June, the Governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Veniamin Kondratyev, signed a decree No. 369, which shocked Kuban hoteliers and …


The procedure for entering Greece: what is required from tourists in the summer of 2021

In addition to presenting a certificate of a negative PCR test, Russians undergo an express check at the airport. This rule applies to vaccinated and recovered … From June 28, flights from Russia to Greece were again allowed. A steady stream of tourists rushed to Athens, and the Greek authorities have updated the epidemiological rules …

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Cruises to Antarctica: what drives tourists to visit the harshest place on Earth?

Home page ” Articles ┬╗Cruises to Antarctica: what drives tourists to visit the harshest place on Earth? Comment on Cruises to Antarctica: what drives tourists to visit the harshest place on Earth? admin 12/17/20 Articles 1,275 0 Up to 40,000 people annually go on cruises to Antarctica. What is it that attracts these people? The …