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Trends in 2021: How the Pandemic Has Changed Travel Preferences

After a sharp downturn in 2020, the tourism industry is slowly recovering. Vaccinations are in full swing in most countries, however, coronavirus restrictions still affect tourist behavior … Last year, the coronavirus sent the global tourism industry to a brutal knockdown. Travel has plummeted, and tens of thousands of hotels and travel agencies have gone …

Отдых в Башкирии

Free excursions and museums in Europe – we travel with pleasure!

Content hide one A profitable solution for budget travelers 2 Paris. Modern Art Museum 3 Madrid. National Prado Museum 4 Brussels. City Museum five Athens. Acropolis Museum 6 Riga. Sightseeing tour 7 Madrid. Theatrical city excursions eight Tourist memo After waiting for the long-awaited vacation, many are going to spend it in Europe. And this …

Travel notes

Why travel? 12 reasons!

Home page ” Articles »Why travel? 12 reasons! Comment on Why travel? 12 reasons! admin 03.01.21 Articles 1411 0 With the rise in income levels, tourism has become more accessible to people from all over the world. Travel is increasingly becoming a way of life for people. In this article, we will look at the …