The Temple of Hell and Paradise (Wat Saen Suk Hell) is a garden full of sculptures depicting the posthumous fate of sinners and righteous people. It is located in Bang Saen, 40 km away. from the popular resort of Pattaya. Although the garden has many gruesome scenes, it attracts many families.

After passing the “Welcome to Hell!” Sign, Visitors encounter sinners boiled in copper cauldrons, torn apart by hellish dogs, and emaciated sinners with protruding ribs. “If you meet the devil in this life, do not put off the merits that will help you defeat him in the next life,” reads the sign in the garden. “Donate a little every day and you will have a happy life.”
According to Traibhumi Phra Ruang, when a Buddhist dies, he or she is brought before four heavenly beings who check the posthumous records of good and bad deeds. If your good deeds outweigh your bad deeds, you will go to heaven; if your bad deeds outweigh the good, you will be punished.
The punishment in Buddhist hell varies depending on the sins committed, but every form of punishment is torture, and many of them are depicted in the garden. For example, the insides of killers will be pecked out by birds. The bodies of the serial killers will be chopped to pieces. Thieves will be cut off their hands, and drunkards will be poured boiling lead down their throats. For disrespect for elders, the spine is broken. The larynx is ripped out of foul language.
No less terrible punishment awaits violators of moral commandments. Fornicators will be forced to climb up and down a tree with sharp thorns, while crows will peck at them from above and stab them from below with lances. The belly of women who have used contraception will be squeezed with an iron press. Rape and abortion are punishable by stakes in the genitals.
A visit to the Temple of Hell and Paradise leaves an indelible impression and makes you think about your actions.

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