Thailand provides a huge range of travel opportunities for the modern traveler. Many have heard that a national martial art originated in this amazing country. Name him Thai boxing or muay thai. Muay Thai has its roots in Indo-Chinese martial arts. In modern martial arts such as UFS, MMA, K-1, many fighters specially come to Thailand to get the necessary skills. Muay Thai is a very balanced kind of martial arts, because it uses the entire arsenal of human striking limbs. In Thai wrestling, strikes with elbows, knees, legs, hands are allowed, there are also throws and sweeps.

For practicing Muay Thai, a resort area called Phuket is suitable. It contains the bulk of Thai stadiums – camps. It is best to plan a trip during the New Year holidays, since in winter it is not as hot there as in summer and it does not often rain. Tours to Thai lounges are provided by travel agencies, various sports organizations. You can go to Thailand on your own, having received only a visa upon entering the country, but for this you must have some kind of experience. Some people want to combine sports activities with a seaside vacation. It is possible to do this, but by combining two things, the layman will not be able to learn all the subtleties of Muay Thai.

To find a camp, you need to familiarize yourself with the information on the sites while in Thailand. Thai gyms are divided into cheap, professional, international.

Local Thais are engaged in cheap campsites. They are suitable for budget tourists who can talk to Thais.

Professional camps are suitable for experienced athletes. The cost of training is not cheap, but in these rooms you can train with real Muay Thai professionals.

International camps provide a comprehensive Muay Thai service. They usually include accommodation and food services. All instructors speak excellent English. These halls are suitable for Thai boxing lovers.

In Thailand, anyone will find a hobby to their liking. Lovers of athletes will love Thai boxing. Active fighters will receive professional training. Lazy people or workaholics can relax on clean, warm golden beaches. And you can combine everything in a complex, combining business with pleasure.

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