If you are planning a family vacation in Turkey, pay attention to hotels that have water parks for children in their infrastructure. The kids here will be just happy! ..

Holidays with children have their own specifics, because interesting entertainment is required not only for adults. The latter is perfect for daily swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the beach. But many children, especially young children, do not like natural reservoirs. Sharp pebbles underfoot, sudden changes in depths, jellyfish and algae create discomfort for babies. Another thing is swimming in water parks, with their clear water, funny slides and waterfalls!

If the water park is for children, this does not mean that adults will get bored in it.

That is why many Russian tourists prefer family vacations in hotels with their own children’s water parks. We bring to your attention a selection of ten similar hotels located in the vicinity of Antalya, Kemer, Belek, Side and Akbuk. The cost of living in such hotels is almost the same as in conventional hotels. But not only parents, but also children get pleasure in full here.

1. IC Hotels Green Palace, Antalya

The institution has an honest five stars, operates on an all-inclusive basis and is almost always filled with families with children. For this reason, it is advisable to take care of booking a room in advance. The hotel has 9 restaurants, 6 bars and 7 swimming pools, including an indoor, and most importantly, a luxurious children’s water park.

Aquapark of the family hotel IC Hotels Green Palace

It is set in a shallow pool with three slides with gutters and pipes. Nearby there is a playground with water cannons and fountains, there are also sun loungers and a mini-cafe for parents. The cost of a 10-day vacation for a family of two adults and one child in July is 305 thousand rubles with flight and meals.

2. Queens Park Tekirova Resort & Spa, Kemer

The five-star hotel is located 17 km from the center of Kemer. Not far from it lie well-preserved buildings of the ancient city of Phaselis, so you can combine educational excursions with a beach vacation. The hotel has three restaurants, a spa, a fitness center, a cinema and a bowling alley.

The children's water park Queens Park Tekirova Resort & Spa has an almost real pirate ship

The pride of the institution is a children’s three-level water park with gutters, pipes and spirals. For the little ones, there are baby slides and mushroom fountains here. On the beach there is also a children’s play area with modern attractions. Price for 10 nights for a family of three starts at 227 thousand rubles., including flight and all inclusive meals.

3. Nirvana Dolce Vita, Kemer

The hotel is positioned not just as a five-star, but as an elite one. Tourists can eat all-inclusive at seven restaurants to choose from. Among them there is even a special establishment Kushane, which serves specialties of the Ottoman Empire’s palace cuisine. Guests have at their disposal a huge 634 m long beach.

The water park of the Nirvana Dolce Vita hotel is the dream of any child

There is a water park for children, which is a work of engineering art. In addition to traditional pipes and gutters, there is an unusual obstacle course with water cannons and fountains. For the little ones, there is a separate pool with mini slides. A 10-day stay at the hotel (with transfer and meals) will cost 364 thousand rubles… for a family of three.

4. Crystal Paraiso Verde Resort & Spa, Belek

This five-star hotel offers a relatively budget holiday with an emphasis on animation. Local restaurants offer a special children’s menu, and for adults, the Ultimate all inclusive system is provided, within which food outlets are available around the clock (except for breakfast) and any alcohol is poured free of charge.

Children's water park at Crystal Paraiso Verde Resort & Spa

The hotel has a kids club with a good playground and animation team. The aqua complex for children has four slides with pipes and gutters of different configurations. For kids there are mini-slides and an attraction “Starfish”. The price of a 10-day trip for three starts from 184 thousand rubles. (with flight and all-inclusive meals).

5. Crystal Waterworld Resort & Spa, Belek

As the name suggests, the hotel specializes in water activities. Its infrastructure includes four outdoor pools at once, the largest of which has an area of ​​1800 sq. m. Of course, guests have the opportunity to sunbathe on the hotel beach, as well as visit the spa, sauna and hammam.

The mini-water park of the Crystal Waterworld Resort & Spa provides children with the whole complex of water activities

Next to the adult water park there is its children’s analogue with a shallow pool, water cannons, ladders and slides. A mini-pool with a Starfish attraction and reduced slides has been built for kids. 10 nights of rest (with delivery and meals) in a five-star hotel will cost 206 thousand rubles… for two adults and one child.

6. Granada Luxury, Belek

A luxury hotel claiming luxury and chic worthy of the Ottoman sultans. Special attention is paid to the comfort in the rooms, decorated to the highest standards. Almost all apartments have balconies, and some have a jacuzzi and additional bedrooms.

The children's water park of the Granada Luxury Belek Hotel is a whole mini-town

The children’s water park at the hotel is also premium. It is very beautiful, has several levels, numerous water cannons and gutters, and the pool is equipped with terraces for the convenience of swimming for children of different ages. Nearby there is a playground with fountains and water games. The price of a July package for three with flight and meals starts from 262 thousand rubles.

7. Papillon Belvil, Belek

For adults, there are daily entertainment programs, from foam parties to acrobatic shows. Customers are fed at four premium restaurants, a children’s cafe and a pastry shop. There are three clubs for children of different ages that regularly hold festivals, competitions and other events.

The children's water park of the Papillon Belvil hotel is located next to the adult aqua complex

The hotel has an interesting two-level children’s water park with four slides, including an unusual spiral chute. A shallow heated pool is built especially for preschool children. 10 nights at the end of July with all inclusive meals and a flight will cost a family of three 277 thousand rubles.

8. Nashira Resort Hotel & Spa, Side

A relatively inexpensive four-star hotel with spacious rooms and family-oriented infrastructure. There are about a dozen swimming pools on the territory of the complex, and the sea beach is located literally 50 meters from the residential buildings. It offers 5 restaurants and 7 bars.

The children's aqua complex of the Nashira Resort Hotel & Spa is distinguished by a non-standard design

The local water park for older children is designed in the form of a pirate ship, from which you can slide into a shallow pool along six troughs. There are also 15 slides and fungi-fountains, as well as “Starfish” and “Obstacle course” for the little ones. The price of a 10-day vacation for a family of three starts from 194 thousand rubles. with transfer and meals.

9. Lonicera World Hotels, Side

A four-star hotel located on a huge square, where it is always fun and crowded. Particular emphasis is placed here on the entertainment of children, with whom numerous animators are engaged. For them there is a mini-club, a small zoo, two swimming pools and a modern playground.

Lonicera World's children's water park is one of the best in Turkey

The children’s water park of the hotel is simply gorgeous. It is located in a separate large pool, has three levels with a fancy system of pipes and gutters. Nearby there is a model of a pirate ship, in which kids play with pleasure. July 10-day trip for a family of three costs 184 thousand rubles. with transfer and meals.

10. Maxeria Blue Didyma, Akbuk

The five-star hotel complex is located on the Aegean coast of Turkey. The sea water here is incredibly clear and has a unique turquoise hue. Almost all hotel rooms have balconies. It offers customers – 9 restaurants and cafes, 6 bars, spa and beauty salon. Babysitting services are available if needed.

Maxeria Blue Didyma Children's Water Park

The children’s aqua complex is a three-level structure with playgrounds, ladders, water cannons and five slides. For the little ones, there is a shallow play platform and a heated indoor pool. The price of a 10-night tour for two adults and one child in July is 199 thousand rubles with flight and meals.

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