On modern television, you can see many programs about tourist travel, which tell you where to go, what to expect and what budget to invest in, and other nuances, but experienced travelers recommend not to believe them, and the reasons for this are quite compelling.

Of course, this does not mean that the ideas presented in such programs are bad, but you should not use them as a ready-made plan for the following reasons:

1. The presenter or participants (if any) must first agree on the route at all its important points (eating places, overnight stays, ways of transportation, etc.). What a person sees is only a ready-made version, which just seems like a lucky coincidence, but in fact it is a very careful and planned route, all accidents are planned and checked. If a person does not think over his own path, then with a high probability the journey will become a very unpleasant memory and experience for him.

2. All things that are in the backpack can be completed with the program hike. Of course, from the beginning they are equipped with everything necessary, but at the same time, the necessary things can be reported depending on the specific situation, but the audience does not know about this, and because of this, you need to pack the backpack only according to your own plans and needs.

3. In some programs, budget travelers travel freely to any place, but viewers often forget that the film crew travels with the host, so a person is never left alone, and an ordinary person will have a completely different situation. Some places, even the most famous ones, can be unsafe for a lonely tourist, therefore, you need to either travel with a fellow traveler, or more carefully work out the route.

4. Most of the extreme situations that happen to the host are carefully written in the script, and then they are dangerous, and the traveler, who is also a lot prepared, will be much worse if he is unlucky, which is why it is simply stupid to take risks.

5. Some programs are famous for the fact that the traveler travels on a strictly allotted budget, most often the minimum, but this cannot be trusted. Behind the scenes, the organizers often negotiate with the owners of overnight stays, vehicles for transportation, and viewers think that friendly locals are simply giving discounts to tourists, but this is not the case.

6. Moreover, if the presenter does not have enough funds, he can always borrow from the film crew, but an ordinary tourist will not have such an opportunity.

Naturally, these are not all the nuances that viewers simply do not think about, but all of them can lead to a negative journey and to big problems for the traveler himself.
It is recommended to take ideas from such programs, and pay attention to small nuances, but you should plan and organize the trips yourself, or use the services of travel agencies, for example, such as ours – tour-poisk.com, because in addition to our recommendations in these articles, we also have a good reputation and a large number of regular customers, whose reviews you can read here.

Such programs will never replace the knowledge that can be found on their own or from personal experience that a person gains while traveling.

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