Giant hotels are brands that represent cities or entire countries on the global stage. What complexes are among the five largest in the world? …

Many tourists prefer to stay in small family-type hotels. But there are also those who love the scale and impeccable service of huge accommodation facilities.

Large hotel complexes are capable of simultaneously receiving many thousands of guests. These are such complex and reliable systems that the likelihood of service failures here is reduced to almost zero.

Going to Moscow, Macau, Las Vegas or the Malaysian Pahang, pay attention to the super hotels located in these cities. They are among the top 5 largest hotel complexes in the world.

1. Izmailovo complex (3-4 *), Moscow, RF, about 5000 rooms

The hotel town of five 30-storey towers was built for the Moscow Olympics-80 to accommodate athletes. Most of the rooms here are double, so the total capacity of the buildings is about 10 thousand guests.

For almost 13 years Izmailovo has been included in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest hotel complex. Only in 1993 this title was taken over by the MGM Grand Hotel, built in Las Vegas. Since initially there were about 7,500 rooms in Izmailovo (some were later combined), some experts believe that the hotel is still the largest in the world.

The complex consists of five towers:

Today, each of the five towers has a separate owner, but the service is of comparable quality everywhere. The complex offers 3 and 4-star rooms for rent, there is also a relatively small number of five-star rooms.

Accommodation prices start from 2500 rubles. per day – for this amount, guests are offered a “Standard” room with two beds and a refrigerator. Rent of the most luxurious duplex apartments “Grand” will cost 10 times more.

Standard inexpensive room of the Izmailovo hotel complex

2. Sands Cotai Central (4-5 *), Macau, China, more than 6000 numbers

A modern gambling and hotel complex that opened in 2012. It consists of four 38-storey towers erected in the south of Macau. Each of them is a separate hotel: Conrad, Sheraton, St. Regis and Holiday Inn.

The hotel town was built specifically to accommodate gamblers. The basements of two skyscrapers house two large casinos (Himalaya and Pacifica). In the neighboring buildings there is a gigantic shopping and entertainment center with an area of ​​24 thousand square meters. m, a cinema and concert hall and an amusement park. Guests are served by 50 restaurants.

The complex is built on the island.  Kotai, thanks to which it got its name

Since Sands Cotai Central is designed for luxury lovers, most of the local apartments are five-star. Daily rates start at $ 200 for a double room. Despite the high cost, the complex is a popular holiday destination.

In fact, guests stay in a kind of sanatorium, where you can not only have fun, but also improve your health thanks to several swimming pools, many fitness centers and spas.

Deluxe double room in one of the hotels of the St.  Regis

3. The Signature at MGM Grand (3-5 *), Las Vegas, USA, more than 6800 rooms

It was built in 1993 and until 2006 was the largest hotel complex in the world. Consists of three towers of 38 floors each and a huge 30-storey building MGM Grand. It is here that the most prestigious casinos in Las Vegas are located with a total area of ​​16 thousand square meters. m, as well as nightclubs, concert halls, television studios, a zoo and even a stadium with 12 thousand seats.

The hotel, located in the main building, offers 3 and 4 star rooms. Three towers adjoin visitors to 576 luxury suites with jacuzzis and balconies overlooking the whole of Las Vegas.

The gambling resort consists of two parts - the main building MGM Grand (left) and three towers

The most modest 3 * room at the MGM Grand hotel costs $ 90.

Renting a deluxe double room can go for $ 200 and even more, depending on the related services. For this money, the owners promise guests a lot of entertainment within walking distance: from wet disco parties marked “only for adults” to going to nightclubs and, of course, casinos.

The interior of a relatively inexpensive double room in the MGM Grand

4. The Venetian and the Palazzo (4-5 *), Las Vegas, USA, more than 7100 rooms

Perhaps the most luxurious of the largest hotel complexes in the world opened in 2008. The smallest room of the Venetian Palace has an area of ​​60 square meters. m.

The main building of the hotel rushed up to 36 floors. In terms of total area (645.6 thousand square meters), the hotel has become the largest building in the United States, pushing the Pentagon to second place.

As the name suggests, the complex is designed in Venetian style, including interior interiors. The hotel has a huge shopping center, several atriums with fountains, a car museum, a unique multi-tiered restaurant and 39 more simpler restaurants are located on its squares.

The hotel complex consists of two multi-storey buildings and a shopping and entertainment space at their foot

Most of the double rooms of the complex correspond to four stars. The minimum rental price for them is around $ 200. Accommodation in the most expensive premium apartments will cost about $ 400 for two.

Judging by the reviews of visitors, the service at the hotel works smoothly and accurately. Based on the results of their stay, about 80% of guests give the hotel a rating of “5”, noting the good location of the accommodation facility and the comfortable atmosphere.

Typical Double Room at The Venetian and the Palazzo

5. The First World Hotel & Plaza (3 *), Pahang, Malaysia, over 7,300 rooms

Since 2006, this hotel town has confidently entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in the world. To be precise, there are 7351 rooms in the three 36-storey towers, most of which are three-star. Unlike other hotels in this rating, the Malaysian complex does not claim the status of premium.

The main contingent of its guests are ordinary tourists traveling to the resort southwest of the Asian country. However, even here you can place a bet at a local casino or sit in a huge video game room located on the basement floor of one of the buildings.

To services of tourists – dozens of cafes and restaurants, cinemas and bowling alleys, and a special pool with heated water is open for children.

Standard room of the largest hotel in the world

The prices for renting rooms in the largest hotel on the planet are quite reasonable. The cost of a decent two-bed apartment starts at $ 30. Accommodation in the most expensive, “presidential” suite here will cost about $ 130.

The owners promise guests a good night’s sleep in an ecologically clean area of ​​Malaysia and healthy, inexpensive food at local cafes and restaurants.

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