Italy is interesting not only for its cultural heritage, but also for its history. Not every state in Europe can boast of such a number of attractions.

Truly the main symbol of both Rome and Italy as a whole is the Colosseum. The largest ancient amphitheater that has survived to our times amazes with its grandeur both from the outside and from the inside. The place of gladiatorial battles, where over half a million people died during its entire history, up to 50 thousand people could watch each battle. It is better to come here in the morning, then you can avoid queues and crowds of tourists inside and completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient Rome.

Without leaving Rome, you can visit a small state, where to cross the border it will be enough to cross the line. St. Peter’s Basilica amazes with its grandeur both inside and the view of Rome, opening from the height of the cathedral colonnade. But the way up is not within the power of everyone, narrow steep ladders, closed spaces – you will need to try to get to the very top. For those who do not dare to climb, you can visit the huge collection of the Vatican Museum, with its pearl Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

But it would be wrong to think that all interesting places are limited to Rome. In the south of the country there is a place with a sad history, a city that was covered with ash after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. But thanks to this history, there is now a museum in which you can see the architecture and life of ancient Pompeii. A lot of things have already been found by geologists and scientists: forum buildings, temples, a market, latrines, premises for warehouses, but excavations are still underway and much more remains to be found. The city will appeal to everyone who loves antiquity and history.

For those who like to take stones as souvenirs, it is important to know that there is a belief that stones are cursed, and everyone who takes a stone with them will face a series of misfortunes. A separate exposition on the territory of the museum is even devoted to this, where letters received from people are presented as exhibits, who took such a souvenir and, having fallen into a whirlpool of failures, send stones back to the museum, attaching a letter with their history. Perhaps this legend was created by museum workers to preserve property from being plundered by greedy tourists. But here everyone decides for himself – to believe or not in the ominous legend.

Lovers of romance will love the cozy town of Verona. Hundreds of single girls come here every month to leave a letter to Juliet asking her to find her little happiness. The courtyard in the courtyard of Juliet’s house is all pasted over with notes, everyone can ask Juliet to help in search of love, and those who wish can get up and take a picture on the very balcony under which Romeo sang serenades to his beloved. And the city of Verona itself is imbued with romance, it is not for nothing that it inspired the great writer to create one of his best works.

Well, and of course, you should visit romantic Venice. The whole city is like one big attraction. Where else can you find a complete lack of cars? Old architecture, many canals, gondolas and cozy streets. All this is striking in its beauty. You should definitely take a ride on the Grand Canal. But if you are not ready to pay 80 euros for a gondola ride, you can “budget” travel on a public bus for 8 euros.
Italy is so diverse that every tourist can find something for themselves here.

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