In addition to presenting a certificate of a negative PCR test, Russians undergo an express check at the airport. This rule applies to vaccinated and recovered …

From June 28, flights from Russia to Greece were again allowed. A steady stream of tourists rushed to Athens, and the Greek authorities have updated the epidemiological rules for crossing the border. They are quite tough, but quite doable. The Greek authorities are not zealous in the bureaucracy: test certificates in Russian are accepted at airports, and not necessarily with a “wet” seal (a black and white copy is enough). What else do tourists need to enter a sunny country?

Tourist visa

Greece is part of the Schengen area, so the traveler needs to have a valid tourist Schengen. It is not at all necessary that it be Greek; a multivisa issued by another EU state is also suitable. In this case, the Russians are asked the final destination of the trip, and it should not be outside Greece. The common border of the European Union is still closed for citizens of the Russian Federation, and therefore transit to other EU states is limited.

PCR Testing Document

Citizens of the Russian Federation over 12 years old from June 30 are required to show at the Greek border a certificate of the PCR test passed within 72 hours before entry. If the traveler has already suffered Covid-19 or was vaccinated, the results of antigen testing done in the last 48 hours are presented. In the second case, only such a document is relevant, and the Greeks do not consider certificates of vaccination or recovery. But documents in Russian are accepted, perhaps because the Greek alphabet is also Cyrillic. Airport workers are able to read at least the first and last name of the guest in the certificate, and then compare them with the passport data.

Epidemiological documents are checked at passport control at Athens airport

Filling out the passenger search form

An important condition for crossing the Greek border is the registration of the local Passenger locator form (PLF). Passenger search form is filled in on the site or in the mobile application “Visit Greece”. This should be done no later than 23:59 days before the flight. The PLF indicates the point of arrival, personal data and epidemiological documents, according to which the tourist intends to enter Greece.

If you are planning a family trip, then all relatives who fly to Athens on the same flight can be entered into the form. After filling out, a message is sent to the e-mail about the acceptance of the questionnaire, and on the day of arrival in Greece – also a unique QR code. It will have to be presented three times in a printed form or simply on a smartphone screen. First at check-in, then at the airport of arrival and finally before express testing.

Athens airport boxes for express testing of passengers

Express testing at the airport

Not the entire family listed in the PLF is sent to it, but only the person who filled out the form. This procedure is carried out even if a person is vaccinated, ill or has a negative PCR test. The antigen test takes place in special boxes at the Athens airport and takes a few minutes. Then you don’t have to wait in the drive, but go straight to the baggage claim point and then leave the airport. The result of the express check comes in the form of SMS within an hour. If the test is positive, the tourist will have to serve 10 days for self-isolation. But taking into account the fact that even in Russia all tourists undergo PCR tests, such an outcome is unlikely.

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