I went to Michigan to give one of my license exams. I stayed at my cousin’s place. Since long he was asking me to visit his place.

By the grace of God, I went there to give an exam and I passed that exam too. I’m very happy. One thing behind my happiness is my success, and the second thing is; What a memorable trip it was.


I really enjoyed the place, when I came back, my mind was not allowing me to stay at home. So, I decided to go and get settle down in Michigan.

And I made It!

Now, I’m well settled in Michigan. I can give you more than hundred reasons to stay here. So, today I am going to utter you the things to do in Michigan.

If you are interested, come with me, I assure that you are going to enjoy the journey.

Let’s go!

Best Hidden Places To Visit At Michigan



This is an Island in the shape of the rock. That is why it is called “The Turnip Rock”. It shaped by the storm waves.

The isolated rock piece is occupied with twenty-foot-tall trees and other vegetation. The west point of the rock is the “thumbnail”. It is like the tip of the thumb, which is the most northern point on the “thumb” of Michigan.
The visitors can view the rock via boat way or in winters over the frozen lake as the surrounded land is owned by someone. But this piece of rock is really astonishing and it looks like a wonder.

I loved this place.

The best things to do in Michigan is to visit this place at least for once.



Visiting this island is like a trip in a time machine. The people used to transport through this island at the times when there were no cars, motor vehicles, or buses.

If you want to explore the old town shops here or you want to visit the Fort Mackinac here then hiking or strolling is the best method of transport.

So, the best things to do in Michigan is to visit Mackinac Island and explore it by hiking method.



The Isle Royale National Park is one of the best things to do in Michigan. It is the best place to visit at. This park is formed in the ice age by the glaciers. It occupies an area of 430 square miles. You can see an amazing landscape with lakes, streams, and forests.

The area is completely rich in flora and fauna. You can also go for hiking and boat trips. You can land here with the help of seaplane or you can enjoy the sea boat ride also.



This is an amazing place to visit at Michigan. The Michigan Historical Museum tells the story of the state of Michigan. It tells you history from the old century to the 20th century.

This museum offers you the complete Michigan history, science, and the art. Kids really like this place.



This Pictured Rocks National lakeshore is located on the northern tip of land in the upper Peninsula of Michigan. This place has a spectacular scenery and the beautiful among all places.

Here you have opportunities like camping, skiing in winters, and snowmobiling. Those who love to adventure should visit this place. Nature around is breath-holding. The place is really awesome.

One of the best things to do in Michigan is to visit this place. You will fell in love with.



The Michigan State Capitol building has been in Michigan since 1879. It is old building and occupied by the government.

But the visitors can also visit this place. This building describes you the old architecture of Michigan. The build or design of the building is marvelous. Best time to visit this place is from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday.

This is the best things to do in Michigan is to visit this place on Saturday.



The Michigan’s architect gems can be found in this building. This building was designed by the architect Albert Kahn in 1928. The first floor of the building is occupied by the wonderful cafes, theaters, restaurants, and galleries.

The first floor is best to for art lovers and food lovers. One can spend their whole day in this building.

But actually, it is!

You need one full day if you want to explore this building. What a tremendous place it is and the best thing to do in Michigan.



Here comes a feeling of Ahh..!

This place is my favorite place in Michigan. This place is a lively place. It occupies an area of at least 2800 acres and a number of interesting and beautiful gothic buildings.

Here, there are the number of Museums, including Kelsey archaeological Museum. This Museum art and the museum of natural history holds the valuable collection.

This place is really good. You should visit Michigan university if you want to spend a good time.



The Mackinac Bridge is best when you visit this place after the sun set.

Well, I think so! Why? Let me tell you…

This bridge looks beautiful with the lights during the night. This bridge links the Lower Peninsula of Mackinaw City to the Upper Peninsula of St Ignace, this is the longest span suspension bridge in the world. The mechanics of the Mackinac bridge is wonderful.
It was built in 1957, prior to this, the number of vehicles waiting to cross the straits by ferry was a major problem.The bridge has its own museum, which contains a number of exhibits and information on the construction of the bridge.

So, the best thing to do in Michigan to visit and feel the originality of this bridge.



The Windmill Island is the marvelous place. This place occupies around 36 acres of area. This place is enriched with beautiful flora.

The best time to visit this place is the spring and the summer. The windmill here is 100 feet tall and was exported to America from the Netherland and is used to produce ground flour even today.

A good place to visit in Michigan.

Journey Never Ends…

Well! The Journey never ends in mind, it only ends up in words. I have explained you the best places to visit in Michigan and the best things to do in Michigan.

I hope you have liked this sharing of mine. Tell me is you have any questions, I will answer them very happily.

Take care!

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