What could be more pleasant than leaving a cold, frosty city with a gray sky, covered with snow, to warm, southern countries? Most people, instead of summer, choose a winter vacation and fly away for the holidays from frost and cold to hot countries. However, due to the changing weather on the globe, in some countries winter is not the season for holidays, so you have to choose the place and time much more carefully so as not to miscalculate with the weather, climate and air temperature.



Loved by everyone Egypt is considered an ideal holiday destination at any time of the year, be it summer or winter. That is why many fly away from frosty cities to hot Egypt in winter, in order to forget about the cold for a while and pamper themselves with hot sand. The variety of hotels in this country is impressive, it is truly a resort country that has all the amenities for travelers. Prices for hotels vary in different options and the choice of hotels is very wide, so you can choose a specially family place or a youth hotel for noisy companies. In Egypt, such entertainment as diving is considered popular and in demand. Seeing the reefs and the diverse, colorful and colorful fish with your own eyes is really worth it.


1579577242_turcijaAntalya coast. Turkey.

This country is also not inferior to Egypt in beauty, comfort and pleasant weather. The weather in Turkey is especially good in winter, which is why it is considered a resort country all year round. In terms of the variety of hotels and entertainment, Turkey constantly competes with Egypt, which is why many do not know in favor of which country it is better to make a choice. Turkey amazes with the beauty of its mountains, its rich history and amazing sights, which, if desired, can be viewed on special excursion tours. Excursions in Turkey are one of the most popular attractions for tourists. The options for excursions are very diverse and can be both hourly and daytime. The whole day can be spent hiking in the mountains and is really worth it.


1579577749_tailand Thailand. Phuket.

Thailand is an amazing Asian country that attracts many tourists not only for its comfortable, clean beaches, but also for its specific culture. A wide variety of amazing phenomena, shows and people can be seen in Thailand. There is a thriving culture of the LGBT community and various shows for the amateur. A separate part should be devoted to the outlandish Thai cuisine. The inhabitants of this country are real lovers of unusual, at first sight strange dishes with hot spices. The dishes don’t always look good, but travelers claim that they all taste like regular food. In Thailand, you should definitely try the cuisine and arrange a city tour day and night. After all, at night the city is absolutely different from the daytime.

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