If a traveler wants to enjoy beautiful nature, a large number of rivers, lakes and other various bodies of water, as well as enjoy ecologically clean air, then he should go to Finland. A wonderful country famous for its beautiful and interesting history.
The climate in this country is quite mild, but it is best to visit it in winter, especially if you want to get enough of all the delights of ski tourism. While in Finland, it is worth trying their colorful national cuisine, visiting ancient medieval castles and enjoying the wonders of the natural landscape.

1. Fortress Olafsborg

First of all, you must visit the ancient architectural monument of the end Xv century. It got its name in honor of the king, whose name was Olaf. The fortress stands majestically on the rocky shore of Lake Saimaa. The sight is really impressive, and most importantly, it is a real time machine that allows you to go to the world of the Middle Ages and for a moment forget about the existence of the real world.

2. Turku Castle

An even earlier building that deserves the attention of every tourist is Turku Castle. It was erected at the end XIII century. The castle now houses a museum dedicated to its rich and entertaining history. Sometimes even wedding ceremonies are held there.

3. Residence of Santa Claus

You cannot be in Finland and not visit the homeland of Santa Claus – Lapland. It will be fun not only for kids, but also for an adult. Here you can feel like a hero of a real fairy tale, where magic lives, and real miracles happen. The village is home to Santa’s post office, his office, a reindeer farm, a restaurant and a park where you can ride the slides and enjoy the sculptures made of ice.

4. Porvoo


A picturesque city that has preserved its medieval identity. It was founded in 1346. Here you can also enjoy the narrow streets that have absorbed the spirit of the early Middle Ages. There is also a Lutheran cathedral, the construction of which belongs to Xv century. It is here that Alexander I, the Russian tsar, proclaimed Finland an autonomous state. This city is worth visiting for all sweet tooths, as it is here that the famous chocolate factory is located. Brunberg, which is famous for its art of making the most delicious chocolate.

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