When autumn is approaching outside the window, all thoughts are only about warmth and the sun. And where is their maximum concentration collected? That’s right, and Africa! It is there, on a distant continent, that the endless expanses of the desert, herds of antelopes, gorillas swinging on vines and the scarlet sunset of a huge solar disk are waiting for travelers, accompanied by the sounds of wildlife.

The prerequisites for visiting Africa include:

• availability of a decent amount of money;

• readiness for a long flight;

• availability of medical insurance;

• availability of vaccinations;


Kenya Nairobi
Kenya Nairobi

The first country that comes to mind when it comes to Africa is Kenya. There is everything you need for a perfect holiday – the Indian Ocean, coastline and amazing nature in parks and reserves.

Once Kenya became the most popular destination in Africa and since then it has been unable to stop. The country has a unique opportunity to plunge into the arms of wild nature, and make sure that the elephants are really big, the lions are courageous and domineering, the air is saturated and hot, and the city bustle is fleeting, and nature is eternal.

Kenya is almost a protected country.

On its territory there are about 40 active reserves and parks… And they protect not only the flora, but also rare representatives of the fauna (giraffes, zebras, antelopes, rhinos, cheetahs, etc.), which feel good on their territory and reproduce successfully.

Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park

If we consider a beach holiday, then these are definitely the resorts of Lamu, Watamu, Malindi and, of course, Mombasa.

2Cape Verde.

Cape Verde
Cape Verde

This place is the complete Kenyan opposite. Cape Verde has never been popular with tourists. Firstly, it is an expensive vacation and not everyone can afford it. Secondly, it is too authentic and not suitable for every tourist.

Since there has never been a large influx of tourists on the territory of Cape Verde, the nature there is preserved almost in its original form. Cape Verde – this phrase already awakens the tourist’s imagination and somewhere in the subconscious minds are born pictures of green and deserted beaches, scattering of islands going somewhere beyond the horizon, and all this is accompanied by a pleasant accompaniment of the surf.

Africa for travel - Deserted beaches of Cape Verde
Deserted beaches of Cape Verde

But Cape Verde is not only nature, but also the rich history of the colonial state. Once representatives of Portugal landed on these shores and quickly fell in love with the picturesque places.


Rwanda Volcanic National Park
Rwanda Volcanic National Park

A must-have travel destination for wildlife lovers in its most literal sense.

The main pride of this country is mountain gorillas.

Most of the tourists come to see them especially. These are not the cute monkeys that sit in Russian zoos. Perhaps they are the distant progenitors of mankind – their size and extraordinary similarity in man – delights tourists.

Travel Africa - Mountain Gorilla
Mountain gorilla

There are only three protected parks in Rwanda, but the number of collected and preserved representatives of flora and fauna in them is maddening!

Lake Kivu is almost the hallmark of Rwanda… Along the banks it is surrounded by a large number of villages, where African life is clearly presented (of course, adapted for tourists) and local healers and healers are waiting for everyone who wants to.


Gonarejo National Park
Gonarejo National Park

The most extreme representative of African tours… Here nature has done its best: it has gathered its best representatives. Those who have not found a place in other African countries. Common rhinos, elephants, leopards, cheetahs and lions are, alas, in the minority here. Smaller animals reign here, but that is why only more interesting and unique animals, for example, wild dogs or rare species of antelope.

It is in Zimbabwe that the famous Victoria Falls is located.

The sound of falling water spreads over 20 km. And lovers of water procedures will definitely appreciate the calm water trips along the Zambezi River, or vice versa, plunge into it headlong on the stormy rapids.

Africa for travel - Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

Africa remains distant and mysterious for tourists, although in the modern world there are hardly any unexplored and hard-to-reach places. Therefore, the choice of the route and country for travel for tourists is the work of the tourists themselves. Have a nice rest!

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