Preparing for the trip.

  1. Before you travel, make a preliminary itinerary for your trip. Calculate the mileage, fuel consumption and the cost of a trip by car with the help of special sites.
  2. Be sure to take with you on the road an irreplaceable assistant – a navigator. Download or update maps for the navigator in advance, which will help, in the absence of a mobile connection, know where you are and where you are going. Do not forget that all navigators plan the route according to the principle of choosing the shortest path or by road. It is better to go according to the second principle, since the navigator can lead to a remote area, where there will be no refueling for a long time. When your assistant has plotted the route, make sure there are cities along the way. Pay special attention to sections of the path that are more than 100 km, in which there are no large settlements.
  3. If you are driving a new car, check with your car dealer for the “Roadside Assistance” promotion, which quite often comes as a gift when buying a car. The action “Roadside Assistance” includes the elimination of technical malfunctions, the supply of gasoline, evacuation and is valid throughout Russia.

What to take with you

  1. Bread or rusks, necessary medicines and, of course, drinking water.
  2. Be sure to put newspapers and plastic bags in the car, they can be useful to you if the car stalls and unforeseen situations occur during the trip.
  3. If you are traveling in the winter, then it will not be superfluous to take disposable tie chains that will help you get out of the snowdrifts.
  4. You should also take a shovel and a spare wheel on the road, which can perform not only its main function, but in extreme cases, you can burn it to warm up if you stalled in the winter in the “wilderness” and realize that help will not come soon …

Happy travels to you!

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