A water park with water attractions is the perfect entertainment in the land of eternal summer. Of course, tourists go to Egypt for the sea, sand and corals, but a beach holiday with daily reclining on a sun lounger can get boring. And a portion of fun and adrenaline will not hurt anyone, because in Hurghada there are excellent water parks at the Albatros, Dessole Titanic, Golden 5 Paradise, Sindbad hotels. Tours should be bought immediately to the tourist complex, which owns the attractions. Often, guests of other resorts visit the area with water slides for a fee.

Where to find a budget hotel with a water park in Hurghada

Sometimes small three-star hotels claim to have their own water attractions. Do not be seduced, in most cases it will be 1-2 small slides by the pool. Truly cool water parks with twisted tracks and a good choice of entertainment are built only by good “fours” and “fives”. Such a recreation park can be seen in the video of the Golden 5 Paradise Hotel, a five-star resort in the Golden 5 City hotel complex.

5 Springs Water Park offers 22 water attractions for children and adults. There are 4 swimming pools at the disposal of visitors, among which there is a river with artificial waves. The slides are located next to the spacious sandy beach, lined with sun loungers under wide umbrellas. Tourists celebrate the good work of the rescuers – employees of 5 Springs. The photo of Golden 5 Paradise shows a beach bar where you can order refreshing drinks. The snack bar serves snacks.

Judging by the comments on the tourist portals, the complex leaves only positive impressions for the guests. Vacationers are satisfied with the quality of the rides, safety, service and All Inclusive service, operating on the territory of the water park. Reviews of the Golden 5 Paradise Hotel are not so unambiguous – this “five” in an inexpensive price category does not pretend to be a “luxury”. There is not a lot of buffet choices here, but the chefs cook deliciously. The furnishings in the rooms are not new, but the territory is spacious and well-groomed. A large water park, the proximity of a 1500-meter sandy beach and picturesque coral near the coast encourage tourists to turn a blind eye to the shortcomings in the resort’s comfort. A visit to the Golden 5 City Spa with massages, spa treatments, sauna, hammam and jacuzzi leaves pleasant memories.


If you are looking to stay in a hotel with a water park, a quick tour of the Golden 5 Paradise Hotel will come in handy. The resort is located in the Sahl Hasheesh area on the first line. The complex consists of 3 buildings and operates on an “all inclusive” system. There are 2 a la carte restaurants on the territory with the right of free admission once per stay, a table reservation is required. All Inclusive is open until midnight, and the pool bar and snack bar are open from 10:00 to 17:00. For a fee, you can play billiards, relax in a hookah bar or in a disco bar. The hotel has Russian-speaking staff, which promotes mutual understanding between staff and guests.

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