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Cyprus is a well-known resort island. It is famous for its landscapes, historical values, delicious food. However, most tourists go there for the sake of a beach holiday. What are the best beaches in Cyprus?
There are a lot of beaches on this resort island. That is why it is worth reading the descriptions of the best of them. Below is a list of beaches that are really worth highlighting from the crowd:

– Nissi beach;
– Ayia Tekla;
– Nero Glick;
– Green Bay (Green Bay);

Nissi beach

Located in Ayia Napa area, it is one of the best resorts for clubbing with parties until the morning. All conditions have been created on the beach: lounge music is heard from everywhere, colorful cocktails are made in bars, foam parties are held, all in the scenery of an ancient paradise island.
During the day, you can ride a jet ski or boat, or just relax on a beautiful sandy beach. And in the evening, people relax at parties and make new friends.
In the morning you can sleep not only in the room of a nearby hotel, but also on the beach lounger, of which there is enough for all tourists. The main thing is not to forget to put up an umbrella, otherwise you can suffer from the active southern sun.

Ayia Thekla beach

Ayia Thekla Beach - Cyprus

A great place for a secluded getaway and romantic sunset walks in the Ayia Napa area. If even on a regular beach you can’t take a break from the hustle and bustle and a large number of people, you should go to an uninhabited island. You can literally go to such a place on foot from the coast of Ayia Tekla.
There are no noisy parties, beach activities and a large number of people on the island. It is ideal for relaxation and privacy. The atmosphere is complemented by an old church, which looks especially good against the sunset.

Glyki Nero beach

Glyki Nero Beach - Cyprus

One of the best family holiday destinations in Cyprus in the Ayia Napa area. A gentle slope, shallow and soft sand and almost clear water in the sea are ideal conditions for families with small children. We also recently wrote an article on the topic: Where is the best place to spend a vacation with children in 2021 – you can see the article here.
There are several points with free high-speed Wi-Fi on the beach, which can serve as an excellent opportunity for adults to spend time while children have fun at a shallow depth. Due to the gentle slope, it is very easy to follow the children, because to a serious depth you will need to walk more than a dozen meters.
You can have lunch or dinner in one of the beach cafes for a reasonable amount.

Green Bay Beach (Green Bay)

Green Bay Beach (Green Bay) - Cyprus

A great place to experience new sensations on your vacation in the Protaras area. Here you can not only lie on the sand and swim in clean sea water, but also plunge headlong into various extreme types of recreation.
Diving is possible on the beach. For this, a special base is located here, in which experienced professional instructors will give detailed instructions, issue the necessary equipment and provide support throughout the entire process. In the sea off the coast, you can see a huge variety of marine fauna: here and colorful schools of fish, and huge sea turtles, and various algae of a bizarre shape. In short, an amazing atmosphere of the underwater world.
If diving is in doubt, then on the beach you can simply rent a jet ski and ride the waves with a breeze. In general, this resort has entertainment for every taste and color.

Cyprus is a great country for a beach holiday. And if you choose the best of all the available beaches, your visit to the island will be truly unforgettable.
For the right choice – call our managers by phone: 8-800-550-35-10.

Cyprus beaches which to choose Ayia Napa Nissi beach Ayia Thekla beach Glyki Nero beach Protaras green bay beach
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