The village of Beldibi is considered an elite Turkish resort with luxurious luxury resorts. Claims for the “luxury” prefix and Dosinia Luxury Resort, opened to tourists in 2017. Vacationers are promised the Ultra All Inclusive service, but what about the reality?

The big picture

The first thing that travelers note is the convenient location of the tourist complex. The first line in a resort village, near the sea and mountains. All windows offer a magnificent view, which should be noted. The reviews about the Dosinia Luxury Resort are a little darkened by the proximity of the busy D400 highway, without the noise of cars passing by, the picture would be idyllic.

Another road divides the territory of the hotel into two parts. The buildings of the resort are located on both sides of the path. After the construction of the D400, only the residents of Beldibi use the lower branch, so it will not be difficult to cross the road. For added convenience, there is an underground passage nearby.

Accommodation conditions

Families with children are more likely to settle in a nearby building near the beach. Single guests and adult companies – in the Garden. Apart from the location, the buildings also differ in the size of the rooms: the rooms of the Gardena have more space.

The hotel area is 15,000 square meters. m. After watching a video review of the Dosinia Luxury Resort on the Internet, you will see modern new buildings in the middle of grassy lawns, bright rooms, swimming pools and a water park. Vacationers respond to the rooms in a positive way. The furnishings in the rooms are fresh, TVs and air conditioners are working, there are safes for storing valuables. The hotel is cleaned regularly, the water in the minibar is constantly replenished. The main disadvantage of the rooms is thin walls and good audibility, but this is a problem for most Turkish hotels. Noise complaints are rare in reviews of the resort on


No Dosinia Luxury Resort review is complete without describing the beach. The resort shares the recreation area with the Grand Ring Hotel, but there are enough sun loungers for everyone, even during peak season. The shore is covered with pebbles; aqua shoes are useful for children to enter the water. Those wishing to bypass the strip of pebbles can use the pier, next to the pontoon the depth reaches 3 m.


The food at the hotel is worth mentioning separately. Travelers write about the variety of dishes. There are always sufficient quantities of meat, fish, vegetables, side dishes and fruits on the table. Suitable food for small children can be found. At the very beginning and at the end of the season, when the number of tourists decreases, the choice of delicacies decreases, but no one remains hungry and dissatisfied. If you missed breakfast or lunch, it doesn’t matter, you can have a snack in one of the food courts on the territory of the tourist complex.


Leisure for adults and children

The Dosinia Luxury Resort photo shows the water slides by the adult pool. Separately prepared water activities for children next to the outdoor playground. Adults can leave preschoolers and schoolchildren up to 12 years old in the kids’ club for the whole day. Moms and dads spend their free time in the spa, at massage sessions or in the sauna. At the pool, guests are entertained by animators.


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