After a vacation in Montenegro, you will certainly want to take a piece of her comfort home. Souvenirs will help to do this – useful and tasty little things, saturated with an atmosphere of relaxed enjoyment of life. Choosing, what to bring from Montenegro, give preference to gastronomy and local crafts.

Delicious shopping

The first and mandatory purchase is cheese. Having tasted locally produced cow and sheep varieties, you simply will not allow yourself to leave the resort without a head of cheese. The price is symbolic – 10 euros per kilogram of Negus cheese. The most colorful cheese shopping is on the market in Podgorica. However, be prepared that bargaining here will not be easy. The traders are not ready to concede more than 1-2 euros.

Tastier than cheese in Montenegro can only be prosciutto – salted meat cut into thin slices. It is better to buy it in supermarkets in a vacuum package and with a specified expiration date. The best accompaniment to cheese is rakia. This is a local fruit brandy. Fans of light alcohol will like Niksichko, the only beer made in Montenegro. And also try Vranac Procorde – a unique wine made from grape … seeds. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of buying olive oil and the olives themselves. The latter are stuffed with almonds, and the oils on the windows sparkle in different shades, like expensive wines.

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Souvenirs and gifts

Choosing, what to buy in Montenegro for friends, remember that most of the items on the market are not locally sourced. But that doesn’t stop you from having a great shopping experience. The shops deliver excellent bedding from Macedonia. In the shops you can buy towels and home textiles of decent quality.

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Even in summer, tourists buy woolen goods. In Budva, shawls and hats can be chosen right on the waterfront. Here craftsmen sell carved wooden interior items. The choice is huge – from figurines to wall panels. You can also buy exclusive souvenirs. For example, a handmade painting or decoration.

Going to shopping in Montenegro, prepare a bigger bag, because without souvenirs and delicious gifts you will not leave. And you can take a lot of purchases home. You can take up to 5 liters of wine alone on the plane.

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