Toronto is one of the most beautiful cities Of Canada It has many attractions that definitely deserve attention. Many old statues can be found here. Nevertheless, the tourist will be able to admire the stylish office buildings, next to which there is a considerable number of restaurants and small cafes.


It should be said right away that there are a lot of people of different nationalities in Toronto… The central area is considered to be densely populated and difficult to get there by taxi. However, you can always go to the metro and go anywhere in the city. The most interesting from the point of view of tourism is North York. This area has very narrow streets that attract the attention of travelers.

Climate and transport

Toronto in autumn
Toronto in autumn

If we touch on the topic of climate, then Toronto is pleasantly surprised in this regard. It is very warm in the city in autumn, and the temperature is kept at a stable level without fluctuations. Many people prefer to travel by bus.

There are several route service companies in Toronto. However, it is recommended to visit the metro, which includes over 60 stations. If you choose the yellow line, you can get to Scarborough. There are many business centers there, and Pearson Airport is located next to them. Today it is considered to be the busiest.

Toronto Underground Floors & Landmarks

Almost all residential buildings have underground floors. Most often, you can find small parking lots there. There are also huge shops under the buildings of business centers. Traveling by tram, you can learn more about the local buildings. To visit the Billy airport site, you will have to use a minibus.

If we talk about local attractions, we cannot forget about the Tower building. It is used as a TV tower, however it has a huge restaurant that offers a cozy atmosphere. The building has several high-speed elevators that lead to the observation deck.

Architectural buildings

Shops are easy to find near Lake Ontario. There, any tourist can buy souvenirs, which can then be taken home. There are many mansions in southern Toronto… Of these, the most interesting is considered to be the Kass estate. Lennox is the architect of this lovely building. It was built in 1917 and has been beautifully preserved. There is a small Masonic temple next to it.

Casa Loma - neo-Gothic castle in Toronto - What to see in Toronto
Casa Loma – neo-gothic castle in Toronto

The court building is located in the northern part of the city of Toronto. There are several business centers along Davnport Street. Under them you can find special underground passages. In addition to parking lots, there are many small shops.

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