After a cold winter, I want to find a place for a vacation to breathe fresh air deeply and “reboot”, because spring is a time of change. And if you are just wondering where it is better to go on vacation in March, then we have already taken care of this and have selected for you the brightest and most relevant destinations open to tourists, despite the quarantine restrictions.

Recharge your drive on the snowy slopes of Turkey

Ski resorts in Turkey are popular with winter enthusiasts. Uludag is a ski center founded in 1933, located near Istanbul and Bursa. There are 25 slopes and 13 lifts available. The season lasts until April, which is why it is worth choosing Uludag among the places for recreation, where you can go to rest in March without fear of unfavorable weather. More than 30 hotel complexes operate on the territory of the resort and the famous air tram runs.

Mount Erciyes with a height of 3917 m is located 20 km from Kayseri. Here you will find 33 tracks, including blue, red and black. In spring and summer, other types of recreation are available at the resort – paragliding, mountaineering, mountaineering and cycling.
Palandoken is the coldest resort in Turkey. Here you can ski on loose snow of 22 trails until the beginning of April. A great place to go to rest at the end of March and not go wrong. This is where many Olympic athletes train. And at 3 to 5 ★ hotels, luxury Turkish baths, pools and spa treatments await you.
Prices are lower than in the Alpine resorts, and the quality of the rest is high.

Top up your Dubai experience

Dubai cannot fail to impress. Moreover, this is an amazing tourist center, where to go for an inexpensive vacation in March is quite real. Although the beginning of spring is considered a period of off-season, you can relax on a sun lounger to the sound of the surf in comfort: the air temperature is + 26 … + 28 ° C, water invigorating, about +22 ° C, but many daredevils plunge into the sea. In addition to good conditions for beach relaxation, the modern metropolis has the very must see: Burj Khalifa, fountain show, an aquarium, old city, Dubai Frame and numerous museums.

The average price of the tours is 1000 USD for 7 nights for two with breakfast.

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Relax in Egypt with children

Sharm El Sheikh is a resort where children are always fun and interesting, thanks to good animation, heated pools in hotels, water parks with incredible slides, camel riding and ATVs. So, if you have not yet decided where to go in March to relax at sea with children, feel free to choose Egypt. The sea warms up to +22 ° С, and even kids will feel comfortable swimming in the windless bays. Last-minute tours to All inclusive hotels at this time can be purchased from 200 USD per person for 7 nights.

Feel the relaxation in the Maldives

The snow-white sandy beaches and the endless blue Indian Ocean that await you in the Maldives are the best possible way to complete relaxation. The romantic spirit of a thousand islands will help you forget the March cold and bustle of the city. For tourists: class hotels “Lyux, excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling (here you can find mantas, whale sharks, turtles, hundreds of species of tropical fish), relaxation treatments from world-class massage therapists and cosmetologists and exotic underwater SPA centers on their own islands. Of course, such a trip will cost from 1500 USD per person for 7 nights, but this is the place, where to go to rest in early March just perfect!


It is important to know that many countries have now introduced special conditions of entry for tourists in connection with the covid-19 pandemic. As a rule, this is a mandatory PCR test or quarantine restrictions. Therefore, before traveling, be sure to read the rules for the chosen direction.

March is a good time to book hotels early for the summer and velvet season. Keep a close eye on which countries are easing travel restrictions for tourists, and choose travel at lower prices to Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Montenegro, Albania.

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