It is not at all necessary to go abroad to have a great summer vacation.

1. For a summer vacation, the Azov coast is suitable.

In early June, there are just a few tourists here. Those who are interested not only in relaxing on the beach should go to Yeisk.


It is distinguished by a well-developed infrastructure, excellent beaches, the presence of a dolphinarium, attractions, children’s cafes. Also, tourists will be pleased with the prices for holidays in Yeisk, since they are lower than on the Black Sea.

2. One of the favorite places among tourists is the Black Sea coast.

In June, it is recommended to visit Anapa, which is famous for its long beaches.

1555420616_plyazh-vityazevoIn the photo – Vityazevo Beach, Anapa

In addition to beach recreation, the resort offers tourists boat trips, equestrian sports, kitesurfing, paragliding. There is an interesting archeology museum of Gorgippia.

1555420761_muzey-arheologii-gorgippiyaGorgippia Archeology Museum

3. And what to do if you are tired of the seaside vacation, but your soul wants something sublime? Go to the mountains, of course!

Adygea will delight you with alpine meadows against the backdrop of mountains, panoramic views.


For simple walks in the mountains of Adygea, you do not need to specially prepare. Horseback riding, hang-gliding, rafting can be distinguished from the main entertainment. Excursions to the Rufabgo waterfalls, ancient dolmens, Khadzhokh gorge are conducted.

1555422196_vodopady-rufabgoRufabgo Falls

1555422491_dolmeny-adygeiDolmens of Adygea

1555422455_hadzhohskaya-tesninaKhadzhokh gorge

June is a great time for summer vacations. There are many options for where to go on vacation in June. You can have a great time both in other countries and within your home country. Tour packages can be found for almost any budget, even modest ones.

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