Perhaps the urge to travel is inherent in us genetically. After all, perhaps the very origin of man is connected precisely with travel. Even if today no one says that man descended from a monkey, but that they had some kind of common ancestor is almost certain. But why, under the influence of something, one branch began to develop along one path and gave birth to humanity, and the development of the second branch gave rise to monkeys? For a long time it was said that labor made a man out of a monkey. But modern monkeys even now sometimes take a stick to get themselves a high-hanging banana.
So maybe curiosity and the craving for travel generated by it served as the “engine”, the impetus for development?
A person who, for some unknown reason, inherited the gene responsible for curiosity and craving for knowledge, sought to satisfy this curiosity. It drove him further, to new places, where suddenly new, tastier, fruits, cleaner water were discovered. The craving for curiosity, for knowledge, allowed the accumulation of new knowledge, which later helped the scattered tribes to survive. Then, on the way of one tribe, there was another, which had some other baggage of skills and abilities.
And today people have not lost their desire to travel. Every year, millions of people are sent to other countries by air, land or sea. The French go to the USA. Italians go to Cuba. The Portuguese went to Greece. Why? What, there is no sea at home, where you can also swim, dive? Worse beaches? Less interesting entertainment? No, even if there are clean beaches and ski resorts at home, people still go somewhere, driven by the same curiosity, the same thirst for knowledge: what is there? What kind of people live? What do they eat? What are they wearing? How do they rest, what songs are they singing? How are animals different? What flowers bloom? And, of course, they are more attracted to countries in which there are more such differences. We say – “exotic”, although for a resident of the same Thailand or Chile, the “exotic” will be a beer festival in Munich, taiga or flooded ice rinks, which are in winter in many European cities, just as for us banana groves running through the streets of monkeys and riding on elephants.
Someone, sighing, will say: but after all, not everyone has enough money to travel! Let’s clarify: where exactly? Yes, a trip to, for example, Chile or Brazil costs a lot, especially taking into account the flight. Holidays in Thailand will cost several times less. But you can go on a trip around your home country. “What is there to watch?” – someone will ask. – “After all, there is certainly no exoticism here: everything is exactly the same as at home.” We disagree: the beautiful and the amazing can be found everywhere, you just need not to suppress that craving to see and learn something new, which makes a person – a person. Have a nice trip everyone!

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